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Debi's Right-Hand "Man" Goes to the Philippines

October 3, 2016

From Debi: Megan is my right-hand “man” here in the office. We had a rough August while she was gone, but her trip had eternal benefits.

From Megan: Standing in the street of a squatters’ village located in the middle of the largest dump on Cebu, holding one filthy child in each arm and another on my back while still others circled me with stretched out arms, my heart suddenly and clearly understood why Jesus found it necessary to speak with a rebuking tone to his disciples, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” I could feel the heart of God as we poured our hearts out to these little ones.

We came to give the gospel, but how could the little ones hear the wonderful stories of Jesus if their bellies growled in hunger? We brought food but there were so many more children than we had food to feed. With tears in my eyes, I watched as they, without being asked, turned to share their one chicken leg and small bowl of rice with those who had none. I watched as Nathan laid hands on each child’s head to pray that someday they could come to know the love of Jesus. For three and a half weeks we ministered in the Philippines both to the bodies and to the souls. First we went to the children, and then Nathan taught the pastors and leaders how they could use Good and Evil to reach their island for Christ.

Through your gifts toward the Good and Evil Cebuano printing, we were able to supply these Good and Evil books to pastors from all over the islands. Some drove for seven hours just to be able to attend the conferences. Nathan taught several sessions at each conference, and also gave a gospel presentation using the Good and Evil book. The Catholic priest in the picture below was especially excited to finally understand why the blood sacrifice was necessary for our redemption and how Jesus is our sacrificial Lamb. The pastors were all encouraged and excited to take the Good and Evil books and Bibles back to their congregations. It is equally exciting for us knowing that though we are thousands of miles from the Philippines, the gospel is being shared, preached, and exemplified through these pastors!

Visiting the landfills was especially heartbreaking. These kids were so excited to be held. Most had never had their faces painted, so Zephyr, Laura, Ashley, Jacob, and Gideon were kept especially busy painting mustaches, kitten whiskers, hearts, and more on the hands and faces of the children. Yes, it was hot, filthy, and smelly, but the kids didn’t seem to mind, so how could we?

Nathan gave the sin robe presentation (similar to the one in the video below) at each dump and school we visited, and we showed The Jesus Film for Children at several locations. Most children had never seen a movie before, and their eyes were riveted to the projected images on the screen. We gave them flip flops, clothes, school supplies, and food while we were there, and once again we were humbled to see their excitement and gratitude over simple things that we take for granted.



Thank you for your prayers during this trip—they meant so much to us! And thank you for your support that supplied the Good and Evil books. Because of your gifts to the Cebuano Good and Evil printing, we were able to send these pastors out equipped to share the life-changing message that Jesus saves, and we know that the work will go on!

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)