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Good and Evil Testimony from Malawi!

November 3, 2016

We are always excited to hear how the Lord is using Good and Evil all over the world! The Lord is opening many doors in the country of Malawi (Chichewa language), and we just received this testimony from a minister there:


"I thank the Lord upon remembrance of you and your calling since we met in 2014. Glory should go to God and all those involved spiritually, financially, even "cartoonically" for the production of this book. The book is being distributed in prisons, crusades and bible study groups. Since Malawi's economy woes, there is dearth of bibles and this book has filled the gap. Over 500 souls have made decisions for Christ and our Sunday Schools have been strengthened. Followup has revealed that it is the only resource for masses without bibles, radio or TV. Over 28 state schools have requested copies for bible club discussion. We thank God for this open door. Most humbling is that 10 books travelled a radius of 1000km in neighbouring Zambia and Malawi. Some have even found their way to Mozambique. Muslims are daily coming to know Christ through these encounters...

God has shown us that the book compliments the Jesus Film we show in the rural areas and at the moment, we only give the books to group leaders of prisoners and those that are unable to come to our sessions."

Please join us in praying for the believers in Malawi. We are currently working to create a revised color edition in Chichewa for distribution there!

And the gospel must first be published among all nations. Mark 13:10

One comment on “Good and Evil Testimony from Malawi!”

  1. When I saw "Malawi," it caught my eye. Our family has been helping at Anchor Evangelical Press (a local priniting ministry that sends out tracts), and one of their main areas of distribution is in fact, Malawi. How neat to see that Good and Evil books have made their way over there, much less been translated in to Chichewa!