How God Used a Beauty Contest For Good

God is the one who designed marriage to be between one man and one woman, so he made the rules of marriage, declaring that a wife is to reverence her husband. One time a whole nation’s survival depended on one lady doing just that.

When Esther was a little girl, her parents died. Thankfully, she had an uncle who adopted her and loved her like she was his own daughter. Esther was the prettiest girl in the whole village.

Meanwhile, the queen of the kingdom decide she would not obey her husband the king. When the men of the kingdom saw her dishonor him in public, they complained to the king, “How can we ever expect our wives to obey us if the queen refuses to obey the king? Oh, king, get rid of that rebellious queen!” Queen Vashti did not believe the king would dare put her away. She felt she was right in taking a firm stand against his unreasonable demands. But the king did put away his rebellious wife. The king now needed a new queen.

The king’s men began going all over the kingdom and asking the people, “Who is the prettiest, kindest girl in your village?” All over the kingdom, girls of marriageable age were gathered up and taken to the palace to get ready to be presented to the king. Then they found young Esther. How she must have cried and prayed, asking God to intervene. What Esther didn’t know was that God was intervening. He had made her extra pretty. She had a job to do that was bigger than she could understand.

Week after week, the king’s lady helpers prepared the girls. They were taken to the doctor to make sure they had no sickness. The girls had to be perfect. One girl after another presented herself to the king, but one was silly, another was too shy, another loud, one looked down, one was too skinny, and one to round! Finally Esther’s time came. Her good uncle had told her, “Stand up straight, answer so the king can hear you, smile with thanksgiving, don’t forget to bow, and always show the king honor and reverence, because that is why Vashti is no longer queen. But NEVER tell him you are Jewish because that could be a BIG problem.” As soon as the king saw Esther, he loved her and made her his queen. So Esther won the beauty contest, but the real contest was yet to be played out. It is the amazing story of how Esther used her beauty, sweet spirit, and shrewdness to change the course of history. It is about one girl saving a nation. Read the rest of the story in the book of Esther.

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