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The Harvest has Arrived...

July 24, 2018

Thank you for your support of NGJ Ministries. This is the report of reaping the harvest. All our life we have worked for such a season of abundant fruit and now the yield is indeed plentiful. I am thankful we lived to see it. I wish our faithful supporters could see the abundant fruit, but I am glad to write and tell you how glorious it is. Untold millions are now hearing the gospel.

Update - What happens at home

But first, an update on us.
We have been very busy and will continue to be very busy all summer and fall. There were several shindigs, camp meetings, and street meetings, as well as recordings at The DOOR and church. Mike finished a new book, which is now going to the printer, and he is writing two more at this time. He has been really excited writing as God has opened up the study of faith as he has never seen before. He literally laughs out loud with joy at the truths he is seeing. I hope you read our May-June magazine. According to reports, ‘Brain Grooving’, which was the current leading article, has proven to be one of the most popular that we have ever written. And while I am talking about brain grooving, I’d like to tell you that Mike has had some brain grooving lately. Mike had two strokes this spring. The first one seemed to be the real deal. It lasted off and on for over 12 hours, but after 24 hours there apparently was no damage. The second was a month later and it seemed to be just an after-shock. We went into the hospital both times and an MRI confirmed his brain had taken a hit. Just to make it clear: we NEED his brain. After doing some research (and James and Shoshanna stepping up to take us and pay), we decided to go to a specialist that does stem cell treatment for stroke victims. We finally found a neurologist in Florida doing it. It was a VERY long and HURRIED trip, as Mike was due to preach to a bunch of preachers just two days after the delivery of the stem cells. No one knew if it would work because stem cells are the same AGE as the person they take them from and are only as healthy as the person they come from. If the cells have been compromised by Diet Coke and sugar-loaded junk, they are nasty yellow and icky, which means few good returns. Here in America, the stem cells by law HAVE to come from your own body, so what you are is what you get. So, 72-year-old stem cells were delivered to Mike’s brain. Those in the surgery knew immediately he had clean, healthy cells, and apparently they were correct that his cells were still in good shape because Mike continues to do amazingly well. They said if it worked we would see more and more improvements for up to three or four months. I really envy his brain these days-and to think it will be even better next month! He can quote Scripture like Moses Schrock - and for those who have heard Moses quote whole chapters forward and backward at the shindigs, that is astonishing. Well, maybe that is not totally truthful as he is not quite as able as Moses, but he is close. All those who have heard him this summer can testify he was flying high. It is a good thing he is functioning at top speed because our schedule this summer and fall is loaded. Pray for us as we run our race to the last minute!

Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain. Philippians 2:16

Good and Evil - Success overseas and in the neighborhood

The big news is what is happening with Good and Evil. The office staff are currently focusing on getting the North Korean language of G&E in color and optimized for cell phone download. By God’s grace we already have it translated into the updated language of North Korea. Every day, several times a day, we are checking Google and Facebook to see if the regime has opened the country to the outside. The day it opens we will be there with the gospel. These folks have suffered as long as I can remember, and the gospel has been snuffed out of the country by their evil leaders. We have prayed for many years for this opening. Pray for our workers to have all things ready and for those in high places to be moved to open the door. Pray for God’s grace to shower on those hearing the gospel.

Light Bearers -Give hope

Light Bearers are regular folks who are willing to send Good and Evil books to prisoners. They buy the books at a price a little above our print cost, then they buy packaging and pay the shipping for each book to be sent to a prisoner. We send them the letters from the prisoners as well as a preprinted address label with each name. It is a sacrificial ministry that is done by faith. Most Light Bearers never hear thank you from anyone, as most do not include their name since the books are going into prisons. Here is something you might need to know: Some Light Bearers are willing to ship more books out but can’t afford to buy the books, shipping materials, and postage for so many. If you want to partner with someone to provide the finances for the materials and have them do the labor, be sure to contact Thea and let her know at [email protected], or send a check saying how to use your funds. In the past several months, eight Light Bearers had to drop out due to hardship, extreme health issues, or family changes. This hit No Greater Joy Ministries hard because we had to take up the extra names. The Light Bearer Program is growing every month.

We have had people ask if we know for sure these books are making a difference. We know. Chaplains write and say that so many men are getting saved just from reading these books. Plus, they tell us that men are being discipled by looking up the Bible verses that are on the bottom of the pages. One chaplain called our manager and had different inmates get on the phone to give their testimony. He wanted to make SURE we knew the books were making a big difference in the lives of many.

Light Bearers make it possible for thousands of prisoners to hear the gospel. One Light Bearer is a criminal court lawyer. He testified at a shindig that he personally knows that at least 40 men will read one copy of Good and Evil.

He said even though he could hand the books to the inmates, he chooses to mail the books, so the men don’t know they are from him. He says he sees them read the books and watches what God does in and through them. He sees the books passed around from man to man. It was clear this highly professional man in the court system was wonderfully moved of God at the impact these books are making. His testimony was the most powerful word we have ever heard for the Light Bearer ministry. Every day we get a huge stack of letters requesting Good and Evil. Without the faithful laborers buying the books and then paying for mailing them out, NGJ could NOT afford to answer these thousands of requests from prisoners. Light Bearers’ faithfulness is making a difference in everyone's day-to-day safety because so many inmates come to know the Savior before they are released. It has an eternal impact.

Light Bearers -
How one man makes a difference

A few weeks ago, an older, really rough-looking guy showed up at the office. I had a break between projects, so I went out to introduce myself to him. He had NO IDEA who Mike and Debi Pearl were and didn’t care. All he wanted was more books to help him reach the lost. He told me that he drove around placing one Good and Evil in each alcohol and drug recovery center in a three-county area. He went back to one facility several weeks later and saw the book he had given them sitting on the counter, and it was in tatters. He asked the leadership what happened to the book and they said, “That book is the most-read piece of literature that has ever been in this place. The only reason it is not being read now is that so many pages are unreadable. Someone has been reading it 24/7 since the day you left it here. So THAT is what happened to the book. People reading it, holding it, turning its pages, and looking up the verses. We need more!”

The man’s rough, old face was covered in tears as he told me his story. He said he drove across the county to our office that day because he couldn’t wait for us to mail the books. That man is a Light Bearer though he is not on our list of Light Bearers. He doesn’t even know we have a program called Light Bearers. He just wants to shed the LIGHT of Jesus the only way he knows how.

In heaven these folks will hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” I hope I get to stand close.

Not everyone can spend the day driving all over the county. Not every- one has ten helpful, energetic kiddos to help package a pile of books every week, and not everyone can go preach or teach. BUT many of you reading this have the same heart as the old rough-looking guy who visited our office, anxious to get another box of Good and Evil books to place in the hands of those struggling with addiction.

You Can Give

Or, you can sign up to become a Light Bearer by calling our office, (877)-292-9936.

We have the laborers. We have people sitting at the computers setting up ads in many languages so that Good and Evil can be downloaded free. We have mamas and daddies with their children packing Good and Evil books and mailing them out all over the country. We have faithful workers in our office working to keep up with all this activity. God has given us a window of time. Run with us.

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

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  1. I have a question- Is building the Wall between America and Mexico doing God’s will? Thanks