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A Man Without a Knife...

November 1, 2018

... is like a kitchen without a wife! -Unknown

It's official! Mike is the 2018 International Knife Throwing World Champion! Want to know all his tips, tricks, and secrets? Be sure to check out his Knife and Tomahawk Throwing DVD!

And as if that's not awesome enough, he beat scores of younger guys using knives that he forged himself from old saw blades. Congratulations Mike!

4 comments on “A Man Without a Knife...”

  1. Congratulations Mike. My wife, Jenny, bought me your knife throwing dvd last Christmas and my boys and I have enjoyed it alot!!

  2. Congrats Mike!!! well Done sir. I tricked my wife into home schooling our kids back in the 1996 or so. We are blessed with 5 boys! We fell in love with your ministry. I picked up Mike's video when it first came out I think it was in the eary 2000's. It has brought fewllowship for our family with other families and mens fellowship at our house. We absolutely love it! I need to build another target for our tomahawks and Knife throwing as it has been a couple years since we moved into a new home. Any ideas on a good target for families? I built the same target years back that you had with 5 cut wood madelions up on 2x6 years back and served us well. Blessings!