It was sometime toward the end of 2019 when God gave us a certainty that, at the beginning of 2020, No Greater Joy Ministries should focus on getting the gospel to every person we could. Time was ticking away.

Over the last 15 years we worked to get the Good and Evil book (see it here) into over 50 languages, which basically covers the world. During the last 3 years we have been advertising on Facebook, offering a free download of Good and Evil, using different types of appeals and targeting various age groups to determine what works best. After many trials we found the right words to get people to open the ads in countries like Iran, Italy, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many more. Using knowledge gained during these last three years we know how to reach the entire world for Jesus, but we can’t do it alone.

January 1st, 2020. I had such a growing sense of urgency that time was of the upmost importance, that I pushed my staff and I begged others to see the need and join with us in this endeavor. For more than a year I worked long hours writing a new book that I knew would do well because I wanted to make as much money as possible so we could reach as many people as possible with the gospel. At just one cent a download I counted the souls by the millions. It was an overwhelming eternal vision.

When I first heard of the coronavirus, I knew that God would use it to get the attention of people all over the world. Suddenly, busy people would be busy no more. Everyone would have time for God. All over the world life would come to a standstill and people would think about eternity, many for the first time in their lives. They would seek out the news, read it over and over until they were sick of thinking about it. And then…and then, they would consider their eternal souls. NOW, God has their attention and all he needs is a few faithful laborers who have listened to his voice in making ready the gospel to give to those seeking. We have everything in place ready to go.

This is NO time to moan and groan, this is time to pray, it is time to cast your bread upon the eternal waters and see millions have one last opportunity to hear the voice of God through reading his story. It is a grand time to be in ministry, and YOU are part of what is happening here at NGJ. We call these ads our iMissionaries program. It is entirely donor funded. NGJ pays all our workers in the office to get the ads up thereby allowing 100% of your donation to be used for ads. You can donate to it here:

Here is a graph of the countries (in blue) that are reading the gospel this year-to-date. The darkest blue is over 30,000 people from that country having viewed or downloaded. Pray.

-Michael & Debi Pearl

No Greater Joy Ministries