What will be your story?

Darlene Rose

When Darlene Rose was a young bride, she and her husband got on a ship and crossed the deep blue sea in order to reach the far away island called Papua New Guinea. They were going as missionaries to the people in this remote corner of the world. The young couple nor anyone else had a clue that in a very short time the entire world would be thrown into World War II. The rumors of the war reached the missionaries in their far-off mountain, but no one was concerned; who would bother to come to their far distant corner of the world to make war, and why? War did come and it came quickly, unexpectedly and violently taking the life of Darlene Rose’s husband and protector. Alone, among scared confused natives, imprisoned, starved, abused and every personal item taken from her, Darlene sought God and He met her there. She survived to tell her amazing story.

Beka (Joy)

Just 35 years later our own daughter, Rebekah (Beka) Joy got on a big plane
and flew to that same far, far away island to translate the Scripture for a remote tribal people that still had not heard about Jesus. Beka was young like Darlene Rose was when Darlene arrived on PNG. Beka lived on the mountain with a group of people that had never seen a white girl. The old tribal folks said they remembered the big birds (planes) that dropped out food from God (government). Beka was amazed the people had no idea about God or even had any knowledge of the rest of the earth. They loved her and wanted more than anything to
know about Jesus. And now they do. Today, as the sun rises on that mountain of PNG songs of praises to God can be heard as the people sit around their fires and sing hymns to start their day. And as night falls the voice of men can be heard crying out thanks to God. The mountains are full of men of God that know the Bible better than most preachers here in the USA. This is indeed a miracle.

Darlene Rose has gone to be with Jesus, but I know she is laughing with sheer delight as she looks over the portals of Glory and sees her people loving and praising her Savior. Hear Darlene and Beka tell their stories of how God met them on the mountains of PNG.

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