This year, we are targeting India with our iMissionaries outreach. In the first six months of this year, over 3,000,000 people visited the website, and viewed the Good & Evil book, because of ads which NGJ iMissionaries contribution funded.

– India is the seventh largest country, with the second largest population: 1.339 billion people!
– India has the the second largest English speaking population in the world, right after the USA. Yet only about 10% of all Indians speak English.
– About 70% of all the world’s spices come from India
– There are 60 different languages spoken in India, each with at least a million native speakers. The official languages are Hindi and English.

Trivia: Indians invented shampooing. The word shampoo comes from their word champu, which means to massage.

How it works:

1. You set up a monthly recurring donation or give a one-time contribution to No Greater Joy Ministries “iMissionaries” fund.

2. Your money goes into a pool of funds that will be spent on Facebook ads. (We choose what countries to target based on the cost per click. If you’d like to target a specific country or region include a suggestion with your donation.)

3. You can go to the iMissionaries website (below) and see the results of the ads so you know where your money was used to spread the gospel.