Do you want to boost all parts of your immune system? Scientific research says take a walk in the forest. Amazing as it sounds, research has proven this is a scientific reality due to the release of essential oils from the trees. In a recent research project, four different events involving different protocols but the same blood testing were completed.

On the first day, one group of test subjects had their blood drawn and tested. Then they were driven out to a forest area and taken on a walk. That evening all the test subjects stayed in a motel close to the forest area. The next morning their blood was drawn and tested again before they went on their morning walk and then again for an afternoon walk. The final morning before they left for their homes their blood was drawn again and tested. A week later their blood was tested again. There were three other similar research events using groups of subjects that visited in the city as well as in the forest. Every test subject that took forest walks had a marked spike in all points of their immune system and the heightened immune response was still evident in their blood after a full week. The city walkers had little to no boost in their immune systems.

The moral of the research: Take a walk in the woods, once a week.