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2020 Year End Report

March 3, 2021

The beginning of a major harvest has only grown bigger, easier, and more productive, especially this year with worldwide anxiety and the shut in conditions. 12.5 million people have had the opportunity to hear the gospel through No Greater Joy in the past two and a half years. Prisoners have been eager to get anything, since no preachers or visitors were allowed in. No Greater Joy has made the gospel available all over the world in many languages, and this year everyone was eager to open the Good and Evil website and read God’s story.  Any ministry that is reaching folks for Christ is held together by a network of people who pray, encourage, and give to make it happen. You are our network of faithful people. You are the No Greater Joy team. Someday in Glory you will be standing around the throne rejoicing and someone will turn to say thank you for sending them the gospel so they and their family could be there before the throne of God, redeemed by the blood of the lamb. And you will hesitate with confusion, “Me? How is that?” And God will give you a Heavenly vision to see the threads that bound you with No Greater Joy and the events that have been happening to spread the gospel. The same will happen to me and Michael. We are two senior citizens stuck up on our little hill, with no in person way of sharing the gospel, yet we are a part of the thread that makes the gospel possible for millions of untold lost souls. We have never been to Africa, Iran, or Mongolia, yet there will be people standing around the throne that know they are there because we were faithful, as you have been faithful.

Thank you for being our faithful team, our friend in ministry, and our fellow missionary. The fields are truly white unto the harvest and the harvest is happening NOW. Keep praying for No Greater Joy Ministries and those that are on the front-lines.  ~Michael and Debi Pearl