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2021 Year End Report

January 14, 2022

Dear Fellow Laborers,

About 10 years ago I wrote a novel called The Vision. At the time of writing I did not see it as a word of knowledge, as a prophecy; it was just the lifelong vision of my heart to reach the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today I was digging around in the warehouse and I saw boxes of The Vision on the back shelf. My brain flooded with a thrill of endorphins prompted by memories of that fictional story. It is about an old couple who write a pictorial novel of the Bible and then with the help of a bunch of young, eager, God-filled believers are able to get the book into every country of the world. There is adventure, a love story, danger, and a passion—a driving force—in all the characters to get the gospel out. They also had an enemy against them all the way. It was glorious writing the story, even though I knew it was just a dream.

TODAY as I stood in that cold, shadowy part of the warehouse staring at those boxes I suddenly realized that the vision is being fulfilled. ALL THE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. This year (2021) people from EVERY country of the world (literally, 195 countries) opened the Good and Evil book to read the gospel of Jesus Christ—some in hard copy, most digitally. Realizing it has REALLY HAPPENED gave me holy goose bumps! After I finished working in the warehouse I came home and told Mike, “When I wrote The Vision it was just a fun novel in my head that I needed to put on paper. I did not see it as divine inspiration, but now I can see that God gave me a vision of what HE was going to do and HE HAS DONE IT.” People from all over the world have the opportunity to read the gospel by opening up the Good and Evil book in their own language, and it keeps HAPPENING by the thousands even as you read this article as well as while we all sleep.

We called the outreach iMissionaries. We advertise through Google as well as social media. In many languages there is little available on the Web, so people easily find our FREE book in their language. The only country where we can’t SEE that people have opened our Bible story book is North Korea, but we know that there is cross-border access from such places as Mongolia and South Korea that allows them to download in their language, so we are confident they are accessing it.

We have many other outreaches through NGJ, but I feel that God spent 50 years preparing us, training us, honing us, and working through our weirdness to this end. It is our life’s mission. It is what we were raised up to do, and God waited until we were really too old to go to foreign places ourselves to make it happen. Praise be to God for raising up a wonderful team of faithful laborers who are focused on making this vision come to pass. The men and women God has called are so committed that they don’t have personal ambitions, nor are they focused on exciting confrontation; they are focused ONLY on getting the gospel out to the entire world as quickly as possible.

They have made good contacts in India where the Good and Evil movie is regularly played on India TV. They have contacts in several places in Africa where hard copy books are passed out to school children and prisoners. There are universities in Belarus where our books are distributed. Puerto Rico has distribution centers among VETS. In Mongolia there is an outreach. In the Middle East books are being passed around. All over the world people are reading the gospel and getting saved, especially in Muslim areas.

Most any prisoner in the USA can get his hands on a Good and Evil book. Chaplains say it is by far the most loved book ever distributed in prisons, because even the poor readers can understand the gospel. At the time of this writing there are 35,000 Good and Evil books headed to Mexican prisons and many more will soon be printed for the outreach “Visit Me in Prison.”

Just three years ago Mike and I sat in our living room and talked about how old we were getting and how the NGJ ministry was most likely winding down and coming to an end. We discussed how the sales would likely just trickle off until the staff could be cut to only one person. WOW, were we wrong! The last 2 years when the whole world was groaning and moaning and we old folks were stuck up on our hill, GOD MOVED A MOUNTAIN.

Below is a data breakdown of all that happened in 2021. Thank God with us. No Greater Joy is a place of VISION. ~Michael & Debi