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Sami’s Testimony

May 22, 2022

We recently received this update from our partner in Pakistan.

This wonderful testimony is received from one of the Muslim brothers who did not believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and son of God and savoir of this World and He had laid down His life for the sinners of the world. I am truly amazed how the Lord is working through different ways and especially the literature Ministry.

There is much to translate but I am translating very carefully to send an email. Emails are scanned and checked by the government. – Rusul*

[* Names have been changed for security.]

My name is Sami* and I was a non-believer and did not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only savoir of this World. I hated Christians and persecuted them and abused them and my life was full of anger, hate, and discrimination. Whenever I saw any Christian my eyes would start burning with anger and hate. I followed my rituals very strongly and persecuted the Christians.

One day I found a book on my way to home (one Christian boy was studying outside of his house in the shadow of the trees), I ignored it but suddenly I stopped there and asked him what is he reading.

First he gets stunned and starts fleeing from me as he knows me that I am strictly against Christians. Then I snatched this book from his hand and started flipping though it. I found there were pictures and more pictures in it. The pictures seem to be only a comic book and then I saw the title, “Good and Evil”. The title took my attention and then I flipped to the index and it was like “Genesis”, “Abraham”, “Moses” etc. When I saw comic pictures of prophets I really got upset and became angry. Before I reacted on it, I saw the words and started reading that How God created this universe. I found it is very interesting, I found it is really an interesting way to teach this. Teaching through pictures, explaining things through art. Then I requested the boy to [let me] borrow the book for few days. He said, ok.

I studied the “Good and Evil”. I found that it is all which we have heard from our Maulana’s (Muslim Scholars) but these things were not elaborated in any book of ours, even not in Koran. I had just listened to some stories from Maulana but there was no source of wisdom in any of our books.

I took this book home and started studying it, I looked at the pictures which helped me to understand the real story. At the footer of the page there was references from Bible. I asked that boy, “what are these?” He told me that all references are taken from the Holy Bible. I asked the boy if he can provide me the Urdu Bible. He gave me the number of Rusul and I asked him for an Urdu Bible. In a couple of days, I received the Urdu Bible and I requested the boy to guide me in how to find these references.

I studied all the stories from the “Good and Evil” book and studied the references used in the book. It made me more curious to know more. Brother Rusul also sent me an audio Bible.

I started studying the Holy Bible, whenever I was away from Hard copy of the Bible I started listening from my mobile phone. I listened to it more than 15 times. I listened to it while I worked on my fields, I listened while I drove my tractor, I listened to it while I am doing some other works.

I studied the “Good and Evil” 4 times and studied the Bible 3 times. You know what happened…things started to cool down. My mind gets cooled, NO hate and anger were present… I got confused and double minded about what is happening to me. I called Brother Rusul and he guided me.

I started comparing it with other religious books like the Quran. As I studied the Bible it makes a great place in my heart. It touched me, cooled me, filled me and satisfied me. I read:

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”


“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

What [else is such] a satisfaction? No one [else] took such responsibility, He said my yoke is easy and my burden is light, wonderful. While I read the Bible and stories about Jesus, I found all the qualities in Jesus which God has, He is not mere a prophet but He is true God. I believe that. Thank you so much for saving my soul. Thank you again.

Thank you so much for changing my life and having such a nice book and Bible reading. May God bless you! I request you do not stop providing these books to Pakistan especially the Holy Bible. It will change Pakistan.

Jesus is the Lord

Image: Some farm workers in Pakistan pause to receive copies of the Good and Evil book in black and white, circa Summer 2021.