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iMissionaries: Proving the Taliban Wrong!

June 6, 2022

Today I read the headline: Taliban denies Christian presence in Afghanistan. I just shook my head and smiled. Because I know from personal interaction on messaging apps with people in Afghanistan that this isn’t true. Every month our gospel website gets thousands of visits from people in Afghanistan wanting to learn about Jesus. Dozens of them contact us directly wanting to know more. We get messages from believers trying to connect with their brothers and sisters in Christ. And we get messages from people who have been Muslim all their lives but have now decided to follow Jesus.

My co-worker and fellow-laborer Adam, who helps message all of these contacts, was able to lead one man to Christ recently. Adam sent me this email, and I wanted to share it with you because I think it captures this moment so beautifully:

I think this Muslim guy I was chatting with last week has got saved.

He was dissatisfied with Islam and seemed to really be searching for truth.  I just gave him the gospel (just as open and frank as I could) and praised him for his courage in seeking the truth.

He messaged today and said he has been praying to Jesus and is so happy that he is a believer.

JD.  I am speechless. 

Praise God!  I know that is 100% the Holy Spirit working.  Because I was all over the place.  But it’s not my job to convince anyone is it?  Just tell them and let God do the work.

Where was this man from? The Kunduz province of Afghanistan!

So are there Christians in Afghanistan? Yes! Thanks to you.