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Sending Out 100,000 Missionaries

June 6, 2022

Looking at the world around us we see the need for Christ more than ever while the time left to preach him grows ever shorter. This year we decided that we need to focus on printing as many copies of Good and Evil as we can, and distribute them as widely as possible. In the first 6 months of 2022 we’ve already printed (or are in the process of printing) over 97,000 copies, in six different languages. All of these books are going to mission partners around the world that will spread them far and wide. Each one of these books is like a little missionary, that will carry the gospel wherever it goes. These missionaries don’t need to eat, never sleep, and can go places that other missionaries can’t. Many of them will faithfully be teaching the word ten years from now (even after we’ve been raptured out, if the Lord comes), passed along from one hand to another.

I could write a newsletter dedicated to any one of these printings, but today I’ll share a small snapshot about just two.


We have a faithful partner in Pakistan who requested 8,000 copies of Good and Evil this year. Thanks to some generous donors, we were able to print him 10,000 copies in full color. The books were just delivered, and today the printer sent us an email thanking us for working with them:

It is really nice experience working with you. We have learned a lot, especially from the book named Naik o baad [Good and Evil in Urdu language]. Wonderful work, wonderful art, everything perfect. Everyone here like Machine operators, Binders and other team studied this book and amazed they learnt the stories which are described both in Koran and Bible. It is really brought the harmony among both sides. Thank you sir.

Even as these books were being printed, they were already faithfully doing their job of teaching people the truth about God and Jesus Christ!

Our friend planned a big unboxing ceremony last week when the first books were delivered from the printer, and he invited influential people from many different backgrounds. He played the Urdu version of the Animated Good and Evil video series for them to see as well.

Unboxing ceremony for the Urdu color printing of Good and Evil.
Showing the animated series at the unboxing ceremony.

Already schools and Sunday schools (where most students are from non-Christian homes) are wanting to adopt this book to use in their curriculum, and leaders from many towns are calling and requesting to have the animated series played in their villages. Through this work many thousands of Muslim families will get the chance to learn the truth about Jesus.

Schoolchildren with a new copy of Good and Evil in Urdu.
A village in Pakistan gathers for an outdoor showing of the animated video series of Good and Evil in Urdu.


In the midst of turmoil and hardship people seek for answers, and they need someone to share The Answer with them. We are thankful to have faithful friends like the Steele family who continue to minister to the people of Ukraine in the midst of stormy times. Joshua Steele is helping us work with a printer in Kyiv to produce 15,000 copies of Good and Evil in Ukrainian. He is also assembling a network of people that will distribute these books throughout Ukraine and to refugees in Europe. Many will be carried by vans and trucks hauling supplies to those whose lives have been devastated by the war.

It’s like sending out 15,000 little missionaries, some of which may travel to places on the front lines where few would dare to go. And each one costs less than $4 to send out. We’ll be spending $49,500 to print these books, and there will be additional distribution costs that will need to be covered. If you’d like to help us complete this project and fund future printings, please donate to our Good and Evil Missions fund. Every dollar you give is spent on translating, printing, and distributing Good and Evil around the world.

Thank You!

Thank you for helping us send out 100,000 ‘missionaries’ so far this year. With your continued support we hope to print thousands more while there is still time.

Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

John 4:35