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Ministry Newsletter: August 2022

August 10, 2022

Sitting at my desk this morning I was reading an email from one of our supporters. He wrote to share about his personal ministry passing out hundreds of Good and Evil books over the years. This man has a welding business and has handed out these comic book Bibles to many men on the construction site to give to their kids. He and his wife also share them with local schools and churches.

When we look at the world around us filled with so much craziness, distrust, animosity, and just plain evil, it can be easy to get discouraged and doubt we’re making much of a difference. How can our feeble efforts really change the world we live in? Yet I’m excited about what this man is doing. The faithful service of this couple in such a simple way may not turn this world into a utopia. But when I think about what the result will be in eternity, I can’t help but smile. God is preparing a new world with no pain, no sorrow, and no sin. But more than that, a world in which we’ll have perfect fellowship with our God and our fellow saints. A world where the people walk in faith and love and goodwill, and rejoice together as God’s great family. Every time we share God’s word, we’re inviting people to come and be part of this beautiful new world God is building. And in times like these, that is a blessed hope.

So when you’ve given $20 to No Greater Joy, it might seem small. But that $20 can send four copies of Good and Evil to families in places like Pakistan or India, or even to inmates here in the US, touching potentially dozens of lives with the gospel. It can reach many hundreds of people in restricted nations online via our iMissionaries program. A gift to our general fund might even pay our video editor for his time spent working on a video that will get watched by thousands of young people on TikTok.

So while I can’t promise you that your gift will change the world (though the impact is often more than we know), all God asks from us is just a little faithfulness and we can help him change eternity. We want to thank you for your faithfulness in supporting our labor in the Lord and share with you a little glimpse into how God is using it.


In May we printed 10,000 color Good and Evil books in Pakistan, a nation that is over 96% Muslim. The native evangelist who is distributing the books there took a three-week trip in June to the Gilgit district in the northeast, a very mountainous region on the border of China. Here, along the ancient Silk Road, they passed out many books to local non-believers and tourists.

Snow in the mountains of the Gilgit region of Pakistan.

Two days after arriving home, he received a call from a group of young men who were reading the books and wanted to learn more. He began teaching them over the phone and Internet each evening. Here is his story of what happened just a few days later:

Then one young man said, how to be a follower of Jesus, what can I do to have my salvation? I said, “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

He said, I Believe, I believe, I believe that He is true Son of God and He is the only way & truth. I believe that for Him whole world is created, He is light of the world as John said in the first chapter. He is the light of the world. I want to be in light, I want to be son of light. Then he requested for water baptism. When he accepted Lord Jesus as his Savior then other five also requested. God saved six souls, very young souls, very energetic souls. Praise God.

A young man in Pakistan is baptized by a local believer. [Image blurred for security reasons.]

This is just a glimpse into what this man and his team have accomplished in the last few months. To continue reading the truly incredible stories of the work God is doing there, visit


At the start of July we printed 2,500 English copies of Good & Evil in India, and already Michael Madan, our partner there, has begun distribution in Tamil Nadu state. Several hundred books have been delivered to a church doing work in 58 villages in the hill country.

Michael and his wife giving G&E books to a classroom of children from the slums.

Some books have been given to a ministry which teaches children from the slums. Some were provided to an orphanage for disabled children, while others went to homes for the elderly. Already many lives have been touched, and ministers are requesting thousands more books in the Tamil language. We hope to print at least 10,000 copies there, as soon as we can raise the necessary funds. The cost per book will probably be around $3.


Last fall we sent 5,000 Good and Evil books to Kenya, where they are being distributed in schools and prisons by We Go To Them Ministries, a network of native evangelists established by Shad Williams. Mike and Debi have known Shad since they met him in Memphis 50 years ago, and after serving the Lord together for several years Shad spent decades traveling to many different parts of the world preaching the gospel of Christ. He has established a team of faithful workers in Africa that are reaching literally millions with the good news. We’ve already printed another 22,500 copies of Good & Evil for them to distribute, which will soon be on their way from the printer.

Shad assures us that these books are one of the best ways to plant gospel seeds into the fertile soil of Kenya. All printed material is treated with great respect there, and quality books like these will easily last ten years, faithfully teaching the word of God to all who encounter them. | Shad Williams Evangelistic Association


The Steeles are our missionary family serving the country of Ukraine. You may remember that a few months ago we shared their need for a new van. Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise four times the amount of our original goal, with every cent going straight to Joshua Steele. This provided him and his family plenty of money to purchase a new van as well as other supplies needed to continue ministering to the people of Ukraine.

NGJ is also printing 15,000 copies of Good and Evil in Ukrainian for Joshua and his team to distribute.
He has been working with a printer in Kyiv, Ukraine, and just this morning he published an update on his blog at:

Today we have a quick but exciting update for you: the printing presses in Kyiv are rolling! Actually, they have been rolling for a couple of weeks, but now we have pictures. These are exciting times, and we are thrilled to have this special Ukrainian edition of Good and Evil coming very soon.

When the war began on February 24 (now over five months ago!) we had between two and three thousand books on hand. These supplies are now completely exhausted, with cases of books having been sent all across Ukraine via churches, missionaries, and humanitarian groups. Limited distribution has also occurred in Poland and Slovakia among Ukrainian communities.

We continue to receive regular requests for Good and Evil, and we can’t wait to have the book back in stock. Please keep supporting this effort in your prayers. We believe that God will use this book to bring many to salvation!

Joshua Steele & Family

Future Printings

We are still hoping to do more printings this year, including the following:

  • Laos (estimated cost: $50,000): We’d like to print 10,000 books in the Lao language that can be smuggled from Thailand into Laos and distributed to faithful laborers throughout this communist nation.
  • Cambodia (estimated cost: $40,000): Another communist SE Asian country where we hope to print 10,000 books. These will be in the Khmer language and spread to those ministering in numerous locations.
  • India (estimated cost: $35,000): We’ve received requests for thousands of books and hope to print at least 10,000 copies in the Tamil language to distribute there.

It is through your continued support that this will be possible.


Our iMissionaries program spreads the gospel online by distributing free digital copies of Good and Evil through ads on Facebook and Google. So far in 2022 we’ve reached over 6 million people from all over the world through this ministry. These people clicked our ads and viewed Good and Evil online or downloaded it to read later. Many are in places that are difficult to evangelize through traditional methods. For example, 86,792 of them were in Afghanistan, where violence and terror have left people starving and afraid. Yet, despite apparent efforts to block our outreach website there, we are continuing to bring the light of the gospel to hundreds of Afghans daily. And it is offering them hope that the Taliban cannot destroy.

Light Bearers

Tim at the NGJ booth.

CMCA – Annual Chaplain Event in New Orleans

Two of our staff from the office, Tim & Adam, attended the annual Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA) event in New Orleans. The main purpose of CMCA is to “connect, encourage, equip and strengthen Christians as they fulfill the Great Commission in Corrections.” But, the purpose of the annual event is so that chaplains can meet and find organizations that have a focus on prison ministry and find new ways to reach prisoners with the gospel. No Greater Joy had the most popular booth at the event. Every person who walked by stopped to look at the Good and Evil book and said that it would be a great tool for their jail or prison network. And, many of them gave us testimonies of how beneficial the book is currently in their prison.

They were even more excited to know that we send the books for free to chaplains by the case, or free individually to prisoners. We met groups like the Idaho Chaplains Association, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons who were excited to find out about the Good and Evil book. We might have sent cases to chaplains at every Florida Dept. of Corrections facility there is by now.

NGJ’s prison ministry is possible because of the many contributions we received each month. And because of the over 100 families and groups who mail the books out to prisoners in our Light Bearer Program.

Also, an update about the Light Bearer program, we do not need any more people to sign up to be Light Bearers at this time but….we can always use contributions to the Light Bearer program so that we can always continue to give these books at no charge to the chaplains.

We especially want to thank those families and groups serving as Light Bearers for us, and also those of you who have been financially supporting this program for several years now.

Adam driving to the CMCA