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Books Delivered in Ukraine

September 29, 2022

In early 2022 we were making a list of places to print Good and Evil books this year. Ukraine was near the top of that list, as we hoped to supply more books to missionary Joshua Steele and his team. Then Russia invaded in February. After that, those plans had to be put on hold for a while. But in May, we found that there was a printer operating in Kyiv, Ukraine, who was willing to take the job. We knew that it was possible that the war with Russia might end up disrupting this printing, and it might never be completed. Nevertheless, we stepped forward in faith, sent a 50% downpayment for a 15,000 book printing, and prayed that the books would safely make it through the printing process to their final delivery and distribution.

On September 23rd, the 15,000 Good and Evil books printed in Kyiv were safely delivered to a storage facility in L'viv. These books are now ready to be distributed to ministers helping the Ukrainian people all throughout the country! Already Joshua Steele and his team have received requests for cases of the books, and are excited to begin making them available.

Unloading the books and storing them in a warehouse in L'viv.

For the latest news on what's happening on the ground in Ukraine, as well as the story of how Joshua Steele first met Michael Pearl, check out this recent interview Joshua did with Dan Blatz. We all really enjoyed it (it got the stamp of approval from an 8 year old and a 72 year old 😀), and hope you will too.

Thank you again to all of our friends who have supported Joshua Steele, and made this printing possible.