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Good and Evil Missions Update

November 30, 2022
Michael Madan and his wife (far right) pose with the children in a Christian school for the slums.

In 2022, we’ve been able to print over 120,000 copies of Good and Evil for distribution by evangelists around the world. NGJ has covered the entire cost of printing, shipping, and importing, so that the “boots on the ground” contending for the light can have this valuable resource.

In July, we printed 10,000 copies in India, in the Tamil language. These books were quickly distributed, and more were soon requested, prompting a printing of 7,000 additional copies in November. Our ministry partner in India who manages the distribution of the books, Michael Madan, shared the following story of one life that has been impacted.

In a recent phone call, Michael told me how he and his fellow believers from the local church go to a nearby prison each month to minister. This facility isn’t just a local jail, but something equivalent to a high security prison here in the States. The believers go there to minister to the inmates through prayer, teaching, and singing. Michael even gave some of his clothing to one young man imprisoned there who was badly in need.

This young man has been getting touched by this ministry for the last year. He and his brother were drug addicts, and would team up to rob houses and shops so that they could get the money to buy drugs. One day, when he was just 17, a robbery went wrong when someone caught him in a home he’d broken into. In his panic in trying to get away, he smashed some china which severely cut the neck of his victim. Later the authorities caught him, and although the victim survived, this young man was given a life sentence. Once in prison, his life was bleak and hopeless.

Michael and his church now have copies of Good and Evil to give out to the inmates, and the word of God continues to minister between their monthly visits. This young man has been deeply impacted by the love of God and the message of the gospel. He has professed faith, been baptized, quit smoking, and through continuing to read the copy of Good and Evil he received, he has grown immensely. His good behavior has been so astounding that when the church asked the prison authorities to let him be released on parole to them, miraculously, they agreed.

Now this young man is earning his keep as a driver for a pastor who runs an orphanage for mentally handicapped children. He has a new life and an amazing testimony.

Young people at an orphanage for the mentally handicapped in India receive copies of Good and Evil.

This orphanage director is another ministry connection in the Good and Evil distribution chain, whose orphanage has been thankful to receive copies of the books as well. In fact, his orphanage was recently visited by a church leader from a denomination with 2,000 churches and many orphanages under his direction. When he saw one of the young mentally handicapped boys reading a copy of Good and Evil, he was so impressed that the boy was comprehending the story that he asked us to print 5,000 books for his denomination to distribute in their orphanages and ministry to troubled youths. By the grace of God, we hope to be able to answer this request, so that many more can understand the word of God.

This is just one small part of the story of what the Good and Evil Missions fund has made possible this year. We are truly blessed to have you laboring alongside us in this glorious work. Thank you.