Our first suggestion is that you read The Fungus Link by Doug Kauffman, and The Missing Diagnosis by C. Orian Truss, MD. Often, these types of behavior are from the brain being affected by toxins from yeast overgrowth in the body, which is more common than first thought.

What we eat and drink are the body’s only source of nutrition for its production of the multitude of necessary hormones, chemicals, and support of its complex processes. Everyone would benefit from very good, high quality nutritional supplements, and one can’t go wrong in eliminating nutritional deficiency first in dealing with problems. The American Botanical Pharmacy has a good nutritional supplement called Superfood (American Botanical Pharmacy: 800-437-2362).

We’ve had several people recommend a Biblically-based website on ADHD. We looked at it briefly, but you need to thoroughly check it out for yourself. www.audioblox2000.com/onlinebook/index.htm

Often, lack of training is either the cause or part of the cause of out-of-control behavior. One must ask for wisdom from God to discern what might be involved. We have many letters from families whose child was out-of-control, labeled ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, who when the parents undertook consistent, firm, calm training, they were amazed at how the child’s behavior became normal. If you haven’t viewed The Joy of Training DVD, we suggest that you do that.

We hope this will help.

The Pearls