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A Dream Come True… 20 Years in the Making

February 12, 2016
A Dream Come True... 20 Years in the Making

Last month, Nathan returned to the mountain of Papua New Guinea and walked among the Kumboi people. He was a teenager when he was last there. At the time his older sister, Beka was a linguist working among the extremely remote people group. We sent her brothers in turn to stay on the mountain top with her so that she would not be alone. The tiny Kumboi people were kindly and welcomed the strange, very tall white young people. We have a picture of Gabe at nineteen standing up against a tree while one of the men climbed the tree to hack a mark proving to others how tall the white boy was. After a few months of working among the Kumboi people Beka called her daddy (by radio) and said, “These people need a picture book of the Bible. They don’t know the world is round so they certainly have no idea of who God is. They need to see there is a lot of world that they never dreamed was there. They need the whole story of God working among people. And even more important, the whole island of Papua New Guinea needs a Bible in their language.”

Her call sent us into a frenzy of work. We contacted many missionaries who had been translating the Bible for years (one old man had worked 30 years translating but could not find anyone willing to pay for the printing) and pulled together a Bible in the trade language. It was the donations of the No Greater Joy readers that provided the money to print and ship 20,000 of the first quality Bibles to that island. Then Mike started to work on the Good and Evil book. He had no idea that it would be twenty years before the Kumboi people would have their very first copy of Good and Evil.

Nathan and the team have just returned from a very difficult trip to the top of the mountain in PNG to deliver Good and Evil to the people for whom it was originally written. This is a dream come true…finally they will all know the story of how God sent his son to save the Kumboi people. We will keep you updated.
I know their story will be glorious.


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