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A Little Child Shall Lead Them

April 15, 2011
A little blonde haired girl giving her big sister a kiss

“Bye, Daddy! I love you!” I called out. Daddy was going to the store for Mom. Mama and my little brother and sister were in the kitchen making herb tea.

As I walked into the house, Mama said, “Oh, no! Did Daddy leave already?”

“Yes, he’s gone. Did you need him, Mama?”

“Yes, we need more herbs for Mama Pearl. She is sick and I wanted to make her a cough tea, and we need dog food. I forgot to tell him to get some.”

“Hey Mama, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s pray and ask God to remind Daddy to stop at the Herb store and to remember the dog food, too.”

Mama thought that was a swell idea. “What a great idea, Sweetie. Let’s pray.”

A while later I heard Daddy’s big truck drive in, so I ran to the window. “Mama, Mama, Daddy’s home.” My sister and brother and I ran for the door to meet him. “Daddy, did you stop at the herb store for Mom?”

Daddy was almost at the door when he answered me, “I stopped there but did not go in; I could not find anything on the list that I needed there.” He carried the groceries over to the counter and asked Mom, “Why, did we need something? I thought we might have needed something from there, but I couldn’t think of what it was.”

Mom laughed and told Dad that he had felt like that because we had prayed that he would stop there, but next time we will pray he goes in and talks to Aunt Shoshanna. Mama had called her to tell her that if Daddy stopped there to be sure to send the herbs along with him. I love my Aunt; she is so much fun.

I waited to see if Mom would ask him about the dog food. I wanted to see if Daddy heard God tell him about that prayer, too. Finally, Mom said to Daddy, “Did you remember we were out of dog food?”

This time Daddy grinned. “Yes, I was going to get some, but it was twice the price as it is in the city, so I waited to get it at the co-op, but then I forgot.” So much for dog food!

Later that day I went with my mom to drop off my Great Grandfather at his house.  Miss Talitha, the lady that takes care of Great Granddad, handed my mom a bag of dog food as we were leaving. Miss Talitha said, “I was at the store today and remembered that you were low on dog food so I got this for you.” Mom started laughing and told her that we had prayed that Daddy would remember to get us some.

I thought about all this as we drove home. I didn’t have to think very long, because we only live one block from Great Granddad. I told Mama, “I think Miss Talitha must have heard God better than Dad.”

By Shalom & Gracie Brand


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