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A Treasure Laid Up

December 13, 2013
A Treasure Laid Up

I went on a shopping trip with my husband to get a birthday gift for my now-four-year-old son. As we walked through the store, everywhere I looked were layaway signs. Christmas is coming and people are excitedly putting stuff on layaway for the big day. But the sad thing is that there was not one thing in that whole store—no matter the cost—that will be worth a thing 20 years from now. It will soon be just thrown-away trash.

A few weeks ago my husband and I put something on layaway; our little baby boy went to be with Jesus. He was only a couple inches long, yet he was a soul, a life, a baby. One day when we all see Jesus, we will see a multitude of children by his side—yours, mine. They will all be rejoicing that we have walked with the Lord and that we have served their King, the Father to the fatherless.

when children die

When you put something in layaway at a store, you are excited knowing it is there waiting until you can bring it home. It is yours, just in safekeeping. You are not mournful or even sad that it is not with you right now, but excited and maybe a little impatient to see it.

That is how I feel about my baby. He is in safekeeping. I am excited to think that he is waiting for me to come to him. I am excited to know that I have a very special gift waiting for me. I cannot mourn, but rejoice in the knowledge that I have a gift waiting for me in layaway. I am so thankful to the Lord that he is my Father.  My Father has seen fit to give me the best gift of all, a blessing from the Lord, a child, a son, my little Abiel Brand.

In remembrance of my layaway child.

— Shalom

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15 comments on “A Treasure Laid Up”

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Shalom. It still must be hard to have a child go ahead of you, and I just thought I’d let you know that I’m thinking of you and praying for you.

  2. Thank you Shalom, for showing us women how to respond when we face anything that is hard to understand. Yes, we will see him and that is so comforting and spurs me to want all my loved ones and all others that I can reach, to be there too. God bless.

  3. Shalom,
    After losing a child at 13 weeks pregnant this year i can relate. What a comforting way to put it. I’m blessed by this article and you’re in my prayers. After the initial shock and sadness passes we are left with the child waiting in heaven. Thank you, lord.

  4. I too have known the loss of babies in the womb. It’s not something easy to go through and a mix of emotions for both mother and father. We are happy that they are in heaven and in good hands. They will never no sin. The initial shock was the hardest to go through but I kept reminding myself I will see them again. Mother of 5 in heaven. Baby # 3, John Mark, and the triplets.

  5. I have had 8 pregnancy losses (miscarriages and stillbirths) and this sums up how I feel. They are still blessings even if they are not with us right now. I believe God has something wonderful planned for us mothers who have lost little ones in the womb.

  6. As a newborn photographer who has lost two babies in the last 5 months, I can relate to your bittersweet feelings. I think of Joseph often, when I think of our miscarriages. If he had rebelled, or complained, he would not be where God had desired him to be, for God’s ultimate plan and will to come to pass. He went through many hardships, to find himself in a place that God’s word and testimony was spread to far more people than originally he could have influenced. You are in a place of influence too. Your encouraging words –are words women are listening to — and they are powerful words of encouragement, love, courage and most of all- it challenges those of us that have experienced a loss (or many) to see it from a self-less perspective. Love never fails. My heart is thinking of you today. <3 Brittany, Lincoln, California

  7. Shalom,

    First, I want to say I’m truly sorry for your loss. I would also like to thank you for your very poignant and accurate perspective. You have put into words what I have felt for years. In 1994 our 11 month old daughter left her short, but purpose-filled life here on earth to live with our Heavenly Father. That day, my arms ached, but my picture of Heaven became so much more full of life and color. It’s hard to describe, but your words perfectly tell what I have held onto all of these years. In the next few years after Nikki’s passing, we had several more children join her before being blessed to see their sweet faces. Each time, our mansion in Heaven got bigger & our future homegoing that much sweeter. I will keep you in my prayers. The hole in your heart will never go away, but the Lord can fill it in such a beautiful way. Clearly you have already felt the mending work of our carpenter Father. God bless you.

  8. Thank.u so much .. I have three beautiful.children and were so happy when we found out baby four was coming my little.girl.was so.heart broken when we lost our little.boy at 16 weeks after nine hours of labor and holding my little.boy I was heart broke have battles.with depression and the why me ?? Thank u for allowing me to see heart a
    … my little.peter is waiting for me and can’t wait till.I hold him again

  9. I really am amazed I saw this article just now. I have experienced a miscarriage just today, still waiting for the final end. This is my third miscarriage and I now have four children waiting for me in heaven. This has been my hardest one yet as far as my response is concerned. We are serving the Lord full-time and for the first time, I felt it was unfair that He would keep calling our children home before we even had the chance to meet them. Of course, I am still somewhat in the shock of the moment, but I asked the Lord to change my heart and He has been helping clear my perspective. This article is one of the ways He has done that. I have been able to pray “Father, I freely give back to You the life that You gave to us.” I am so thankful for the two children I have here on this earth. I realize that, if God was in control when this baby was conceived and I was rejoicing, then He is still in control while I am mourning. Thank you, Lord.

  10. Thank you so much, Shalom, for sharing your story. I just had my second miscarriage… I’m thankful for the 2 children I have here on earth, and someday, in heaven, I will meet my own two layaway children!

  11. Thank you so much for this beautiful thought of children on “lay away.” I’ve had two miscarriages in one year and I know our little ones are treasures in heaven.

  12. This is beautiful. I’m not a mom (yet), but I’ve been caring for children for more than 12 years and I can understand how precious children can be. God bless you & i love how open you are to talk about your loss and how heaven has gained a precious soul.

  13. In July of last year my husband and I lost our first baby girl to SIDS after only two days. It was by far the most tragic thing that has ever happened to me but right away God started showing me that he had a plan for this tragedy and that He would make something beautiful from it. The things that have taken place in my life in just this last short year have been amazing. God is truly working in miraculous ways in my family and I am now carrying our second child and am due in August. I love how you were able to put into words how you feel about your loss but I know that just the same it is still hard. I will say a prayer for you today. Thank you for putting your feelings here so that so many can be comforted!

  14. Just a note everyone does not understand what it is to lose a child, the loss you feel but when you put it on layaway you know that new gift will soon be yours. God always gives is away of escape again I just want to say thank you
    Elder Gwen