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A Vision

October 15, 2013
A Vision

All you wives out there married to a visionary husband will understand and appreciate the story you are about to read.

A few months ago my husband came to me and said, “We need to do something different. Get ready, I don’t know what it is yet, but I want us to be ready.”

He called home from work one day to tell me, “I called an auction house and I want to sell all of our stuff, so we are not tied down!” I started cleaning out the house and putting stuff in boxes, getting ready for God to lead him. He knew that he wanted to do something but did not know where or what. Every night we would talk about what we might do. Then out of the blue we had several opportunities come up.

He would have been going from being the owner of a business to a new job in another state. So I asked, “Why move just for a job when we have a business here and a good place to raise our family? I think Satan is just tempting us. We need to wait and see what God has for us.” Justin agreed, and turned the job offers down.

Later on he told me, “I just wish we could travel around and work for a ministry at the same time.” The next day, not being aware of our recent doings, Dad and Mom asked us if we would be interested in traveling to Home School Conferences for No Greater Joy. Justin had an instant peace that this was God’s will for us.

So here we are preparing to hit the road this coming spring when the new conference season starts. Life is truly good if you wait on the Lord and know that He is in control at all times. If you know of a home school conference near you, big or small, contact us: [email protected]

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