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A Whole Way of Life

April 15, 1995

The number of homeschoolers is rapidly increasing. Homeschooling is not just an alternative educational procedure; it is one of many expressions of a whole way of life.

It is the result of loving parents putting on the brakes and saying, “No” to this stampeding system of child-trampling New Agers. Our families will not be devoured and digested, becoming part of the feces of this carnivorous monster called public education, generated by the twisted minds of the morally ill.

As homeschooling parents, you have taken charge of your life to give God his rightful place in training your children. To teach biology in an environment that denies the Author of life is like eating an egg and denying the chicken. Such a process is stupefying—degrading to the intellect. To teach history apart from God is to praise the sculpture and deny the sculptor. To learn science and mathematics apart from the omnipotent God is to throw out the computer and do your computations with a roulette wheel. To teach children to read and then outlaw the reading of the only book written by God called the Word is like giving a blind man sight and then outlawing seeing.

The public school expelled God from the classroom, but when the immorality became a threat to personal satisfaction, as well as personal safety, they started talking about values. They will not get their values back any more than a man will get peaches from a tree he cut up for firewood.

We are not rebels; quite the opposite; we are just the minority who refuse to join a rebellion against God and the truth. We are taking our children to the tree of life growing beside the fountain of knowledge to be refreshed by the Author of life. We will not settle for anything less. We will not compromise. We will not allow state testing to dictate our curriculum. They have made their position on God and morality clear. We are making our position clear. We will not attend their party, dance to their tune, or employ their fiddler.

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10 comments on “A Whole Way of Life”

  1. Jesus attended public school taught by the same hypocrites he than confronted as an adult. If parents are confident adults, like Jesus, then they should be in their world for Jesus to be salt and light. Yes, Jesus even prayed that we would be "in" the world yet not "of" the world. Also, remember Samuel's mother left him in a religious "boarding school" that was run by a less-than-reputable "school master", and God blessed the decison of that mother. Yes, some public school situations are not safe, but if concerned parents would put a bit of effort into their community schools, loving their neighbors enough to help improve education for everyone, they would see God's blessing. And remember, Jesus went to public school!

  2. I thought Jesus was educated by Jewish men in a very small school setting without 45-60 minutes of unsupervised bus ride both ways. I don't think He went to a 450-900 children Roman public school half comprised of troubled, rude and flirty youth from broken homes and mostly female teachers who are forbidden by law to teach about the God of the Bible but are free to tease the kids about who they like this year. I don't think His school was co-ed complete with lustful school dances and pagan celebrations and TV watching in class that had ZERO educational value either. Parents can't help schools enough. I tried that route. They often have younger children and homes to care for. Public schools believe in homeschool, too: 1-3 hours homeschool every night and weekends and summer days too! Except our kids were way too tired before supper and couldn't learn to cook while doing homework and wanting a little down time, and Daddy wanted to play with them after supper. They needed enough sleep and a good breakfast and calm morning too - NOT possible on the public school schedule. They didn't have enough time for learning what fascinated them and have family time too. Most schools, even private are not family friendly.

  3. I agree that Christians need to be in the world being "salt and light," however, my young children are not mature enough Christians to be able to filter out all the garbage that would be dumped on them in public school. Your children can be salt and light as they go with you to Walmart and help an older person who has dropped something or as they wait cheerfully and patiently in line with you at the check-out. I once heard a sermon on the passage of scripture that says that Satan is like a lion seeking to destroy. The man giving the sermon was talking about the nature of lions and how they will typically prey on the weakeer or younger animals first because they are an easier target. I do not want to give the devil the extra help of snatching my children while they are away from me learning evolution and exceptance of ungodly lifestyles in the public school system.

  4. P.S. When his town got out of control immoral, God decided that Lot and his children could not be salt and light enough, so he made them leave. There are many ways a family can minister to and witness to public school kids without our kids being immersed in their culture and peer pressure. We are moving to start a working farm to do just that. They'll learn that farm animals and food are no evolutionary accident and that God speaks to us often through the things He has made, not to mention His sense of humor in creating baby animals and other amusing creatures and plants. I know just where we'll install the zip line. Now what Biblical lesson can we teach through that thrilling activity? Our 13 yo is working on it. She thought of "take a leap of faith" so far. Any other ideas? Write me @ [email protected]

  5. I think Jesus' "school" could better be categorized as religious training. He was with other boys, and his learning was immersed in God. Since God is no longer in the public schools, neither are my children.

  6. Well put! Also, Jesus did not attend public school in the same sense as we have public school. In that culture they learned about God, we can't even do that! And it is true you cannot expect a child to be the salt and the light to a culture who denies it. They are learning the Truth themselves and it should not be put on their shoulders when it is our job to be the salt and the light to our children until they can be themselves.

  7. As a believer of Christ I would ask that all you homeschool minded parents pray for the teachers willing to teach in the public school system. Instead of "bashing, rebuking and judging" the public school system, its teachers, students and parents... try praying for those people (many who are your brothers and ssisters in Christ). I will remember to do the same for my "homeschool" brothers and sisters. With Love, Richard Villar

  8. My husband and I are both teachers at a rural public school in Missouri. Even in an area where most of our students go to church, I can tell you that I will NOT be sending my own children (if I have them God-willing) to public school. I grew up attending public school, and never seriously considered homeschooling until I graduated from college and began teaching. Please pray for us as public school teachers. I do believe we need Christian teachers, and the students need us! This is really more of a mission field! I doubt many people would send their children into the mission field all by themselves until they were physically, emotionally, and spiritually mature enough to witness to those people.

  9. I agree we should pray for salvation for all people including all those who attend public school! At our church we print up tracks with the salvation message and we go door knocking every week and talk to as many as we can in our community about Jesus and their relationship with him we also try to get as many kids as we can to come to church on Sunday and Wednesday where our homeschool and christian school kids get the opportunity to be the salt and light of Jesus to the world while in the presence of those of us who have been left accountable for them till they are a married! God gave us children as borrowed gifts. I was a public school kid and before I became a christian and while I was pregnant with my first child I cried and cried at the thought of her going to a public school because of the way things were and now it is even worse. I am so very grateful for how God heard my cry and brought me to him and changed my life, my childrens lives and many many others as well because now my children can be properly trained to be the salt and light of the world and when they are mature enough actually go out and see souls won to Christ. My preacher said once we don't pull boys off the street and give them a fire arm and send them over seas to wage a war on the enemy. They have to wait 18 years then go through lots of strategic training before we send them out to the battle field because history proves they are much more successful when they are trained first. I would never send my 5 year old to the battlefield of the world. He would never make it out without severe wounds and scars, hurt and regret. If God has given you a way to train your child first why would you even consider sending your child out into the world of lost people being driven by Satan to keep your child from salvation and if he cant do that he'd like to see his life destroyed!

  10. Congrat's to the Home schooling Parents! I am ever so Thankful for the christian education I had in my little christian school I attended!For my parent to Home School would Have been a disaster.Both my parents were poor in school,and still lack knowledge in lots of things.But they supplied us well! My children walk to the same christian school I went to! Thankful to God for christian schools!Thankful to God that those who wish Are able to home school!