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AUTISM Answered

February 15, 2003

This past year we have been getting a significant increase in the number of letters that deal with health and health-related behavioral problems.
Although the symptoms are wide-ranging and greatly varied, they have either one of two things in common—digestive disorders or allergies.
While the women may have chronic fatigue, and men experience mood swings, the children will occasionally manifest extremely bizarre emotional behavior that is totally out of character. Adopted children have often been cited as manifesting a higher degree of strange behavior, thought to be emotional in origin or the result of inherited sin. Some behavior is so strange and out of character that many have attributed it to demon possession.
Every day here at No Greater Joy Ministries, we sit down and prayerfully consider each letter. Often I have only part of an answer, sometimes no answer at all. Everyone has spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We need to give whole answers. It is often perplexing and difficult, sometimes impossible to unravel the web of confusion.
I want to say, “Thank you” to one of our readers who suggested I read Unraveling the Mystery of AUTISM and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, by Karyn Seroussi. Autism has always interested me. Over the years I have read everything I could find on the subject. But as I read this book, I knew the research had broader implications than just Autism. It uncovered the causes of such maladies as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s, ADHD and many auto-immune diseases.
As I read through the developing story and considered the implications of the unfolding research, many people came to my mind—some friends and family, and many who have written—suffering with muscle, bone and head pain, skin disorders, extreme fatigue, foggy minds, anxiety, and/or hopelessness. I knew the information found in this book could change their lives. And for the many children, whose lives have been a nightmare, I now knew there was hope.
To me, this book is beautiful. It is investigative medical research carried out by professionals, but written in an emotionally compelling story form. The author’s compilation of information came about as a result of her own personal effort to find a cure for her autistic son. As I read Karyn’s struggle, it was like reading a letter from one of our readers, only this time I could read the solution. Her autistic son is now functioning like any normal child. It was thrilling to read of the many children who were made whole. Autism has some bizarre patterns that appear to be devils. The smearing of feces, the high-pitched screaming, the ceaseless patterned movements, and the inability to look into anyone’s eyes are strange and suspicious symptoms. Some years back, I had an opportunity to spend time observing two little boys and one girl who were autistic, and I knew it had to have a biological source. Childhood vaccinations were implicated; then yeast, fungus, antibiotics, allergies, diet, and DNA. The more I learned the more it seemed a series of fragmented pieces that did not match the wide range of profoundly bizarre symptoms found in autism.
Karyn shows research findings that will shock you. She will lead you through the steps of discovery of the scientists who found in the colon of autistic children the same extremely toxic, non-human substance found in the colons of LSD users and Schizophrenia patients. She lets her story unfold as it unfolded to the researchers themselves. She tells of their shock, disbelief, and struggle to find answers as to where and how this toxin came about and finally how they searched for cures. What they found under their microscopes was often shocking.
The book reveals that genetic predisposition to autism does not necessarily mean you will be autistic. She follows the trail of research that proves antibiotics, vaccinations, yeast, ear infections, allergies, and DNA are all part of a strange puzzle, sometimes leading to autism—sometimes to other undesirable maladies. People with a weakened immune system fall victim to disease when a simple case of candida (yeast) is not destroyed before it turns into its mycelial form (fungal). She explains how the toxic waste caused from fungus can affect people in different ways, none of which are pleasant. Research strongly ties ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IgG-type allergies, and even schizophrenia to the toxic waste emitted from the dying fungus.
I have read on the web where other researchers believe even cancer might get its foothold in the same type of fungus waste. Some of our missionaries come back from the field with severe stomach and digestive problems, including parasitical infestation. Skin disorders, boils, weight loss, achy bones, exhaustion, and many other symptoms have plagued them. Even after the parasites are gone, sometimes terrible health issues continue. These missionaries have chased rabbit trails trying to find cures. This book will help many of them identify the source of trouble, which will help in finding the cure.
In the book, Karyn lists foods that provoke extreme allergies due to this fungus and foods that people who have become allergic to almost everything, still might be able to eat. She also listed places where foods can be ordered, and introduces other books on the subject. There are a few simple recipes. This book is NOT about good nutrition. She doesn’t even address the subject. If you are really serious about good health, each person reading this should do their own research into nutrition. Many of her methods of healing could be dealt with in a different manner. The book is the story of many professionals working to piece together a strange medical puzzle. The all-important question, “Why is my child like this?” is answered. You really need to read the book.
For your convenience we are making this book available to our readers, but only for a short time. It can also be purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

My Personal Opinion and Musings

Through the book and other information I have read over the years, I can see how modern culture has caused many new health problems. If you do any traveling, you will know that people in other areas of the world, who don’t share some of our diseases, eat a lot of fermented foods or unleavened bread. Where there is less processed food and refrigeration, fermentation is a common way of preserving foods for long periods of time.
Until I was about fifteen years old, most people here in the U.S. were raised on cornbread and biscuits, which are yeast-free. Also, we stopped nourishing the necessary healthy bacteria, found in our colon, with naturally fermented foods. To add insult to injury, the naturally-occurring bad bacteria, also found in our colon, is regularly fertilized with daily yeast breads and sugars which causes it to grow into a foaming monster and turns into fungus that eats away the sides of our colon, causing a leaky gut, and keeps us from absorbing the nutrients from our foods.
The fungus goes through cycles, growing and dying off. In its dying-off stage, it emits a terrible toxic waste that poisons us. It comes out of our skin, overloads our liver, spills into our kidneys, lodges in our joints, and, horror of horrors, invades our brain. It makes us feel terrible. We cannot sleep, and yet we are always exhausted. We have headaches, and our minds are a fog. Our children have asthma, allergies, and are overweight.
Once you develop yeast overgrowth, what can you do? There is no simple answer. Changing your eating habits, getting off yeast breads, and ceasing the use of so many drugs is a start. It is time to take control of your own health, do your own research and get well.

More Musings

I am always looking for emergency cures for missionaries or even for treating plague-like diseases in a primitive setting. Last week while I was reading Darlene Rose’s book, Evidence Unseen, I noticed a wartime cure-all. I read that the Japanese used Epsom Salts as an internal cleanser (available in any drugstore, directions on the box) to treat their prisoners for everything from parasites to dysentery, with amazing results. Then I remembered that my mom and dad have done Epsom Salts cleanses every year for years. Anyone who has ever made yeast bread knows that you need to be careful when adding the salt because it kills the yeast. Yeast in Scripture is always corruption; of course, yeast is a rotting and blowing up process. In the Old Testament, the Jews were required to clean everything and to fast from yeast every year. Today we are told that when we wash salad we should pour salt in the wash water because it kills any bugs or parasites and disease that might be on the vegetables. The Bible says we are the salt of the earth. I like that. Just musing.

The book can be purchased at or write to Bulk Herb Store, 1010 Pearl Road, Pleasantville TN 37033.
Debi Pearl

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8 comments on “AUTISM Answered”

  1. My have also read that gluten free diets have helped those always diagnosed with autism. Gluten is found in whole wheat products. If you look on lables it is in a lot of processed food. I had never heard about the yeast itself also being a factor, but that makes a lot of sense. I really enjoy your magazines and books. I have a special needs child and so am always reading information with the hope of improving my daughter's quality of life.

    Thanks for your ministry.

    Martha Bashir (wife of my beloved and mother of 4 children and a little boy to be born soon.

  2. You were speaking of autism but I would like to know if you have info or know what I can learn about seizures? My son suddenly started having seizures 2 years ago. I would like to find a reliable source to see what I can do to help him. Perhaps there is a diet or supplements.

    1. "hi peggy, i just learned of healing seizures, autism, etc. thru a diet very high in animal fats, no starches or sugars…i’m definitely over simplifying it but there are some yahoo groups you could check out:gaps help, or digestive healing and gaps."

      Just wanted to second what Peggy said about gaps. Hopefully this reply reaches you. At least we know our prayers can reach you and your child.

  3. hi peggy, i just learned of healing seizures, autism, etc. thru a diet very high in animal fats, no starches or sugars...i'm definitely over simplifying it but there are some yahoo groups you could check out:gaps help, or digestive healing and gaps.

  4. Very interesting article indeed, thank you Michael ! Lovely to get a fresh angle at a topic ! I have a real interest in natural healing, or as I like to call it, Godly healing, for God made our bodies to thrive on the food HE gave us to eat and on the principles He gave us to follow and obey. For yet another angle on healing of Autism, I highly recommend the following books: A more Excellent Way to be in Health, by Pastor Henry Wright (Be In Health Ministries -, and 'Healing begins with sanctification of the Heart', by Dr. Michelle Strydom (

    Peggy Rickard, You might find a possible answer to seizures there.

    Amber, I guess you refer to the book: The Gut and Psychology Diet (GAPS diet) of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride ( Brilliant. I'm only a bit wary of the idea of eating animal fat, it does not dissolve in your blood and body temperature. And because God forbids eating of animal fat. Olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil would be what I would use, but otherwise, a brilliant book. A friend of mine's children are thriving because of this book.

    Martha Bashir, the global gluten problem is most, most probably due to us not following God's instructions on agricultural principles in producing food. I refer to Lev.19:19 - "thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed". That 'mingled' in the original refers to 'compatible' seed. Like mingling two seeds who can interbreed. The moment two different kinds of wheat is 'mingled', or 'cross bred', a disruption of the normal internal balance between the hormones, oils and proteins (of which gluten is one), occurs. Then there is way too much gluten in the grain and way too little oil. In the standard processing of grains, all the oil is extracted, to prevent the grain mills to clog, so you have the gluten and starch. The kernel with all the food is taken out too. To heal gluten intolerance, I believe one should eat only stone-ground flours, if possible organic, and if possible, stick to the only two strains of wheat on earth that has never been cross-bred: spelt, and kamut (khorasan wheat). You'll find them on the web. Kamut is renowned for healing gluten allergy / intolerance. The oils in the grain shields the gut from absorbing the gluten and it gets excreted. Same with milk. The oils in full-cream milk shields the body from absorbing casein. Gluten and casein is converted to morphins (gluteomorphin and caseomorphin) in the brain, with each it's own typical health implications on the brain and body.

    Oh my, now I've given a lecture, didn't mean to take over your article, Michael ! This topic really makes my adrenalin flow, hehe.

  5. Yep! My readings and research has led me, to what appears to be, the same conclusions! If you read "GAPS" (gut and psychology syndrome) by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, she goes into it as well; Her own son was autistic. It makes alot of sense and many people have been helped by implementing the information with their diet.
    There are many online/facebook supports out there, as well!
    Thank you for sharing what you've learned with your vast readership!!!
    It has been a journey for me, and one where, when in my darkest time, I couldn't even read your book (Created tp be a helpmate) because it would just further add to my mental turmoil! Ha! And I love the truth and you folks! 🙂
    The Lord bless you!

  6. My own son has autism and I found this very helpful I don't know exactly what the salts you mentioned are but are they like enemas? My sons pediatrician has him do those monthly and also I have noticed most kids with autism are put on non-gluten diets