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Blast From The Past – Late 1980’s

February 21, 2022

During the Vietnam War Mike and I lived close to the largest inland Naval Base in the USA—Millington Tennessee. For 25 years, reaching these young men was our main ministry. One night toward the end of our time there we had a Bible study and a young sailor named Steve Schnell came. He has been in our lives ever since. Here is a note he sent to us just lately.

Hey Debi,
We were listening to Mike’s sanctification by faith series again. I noticed Mike made a statement, He said, “Most preachers and Bible teachers are confused and don’t realize there is a difference between sanctification and maturity.” Has Mike ever taught specifically on that subject?
Our Children are doing great, Nathanael is a squad leader at ALERT academy this year. And was a wing leader and will be a wing leader again. He really draws on Mike’s material, he is very sharp and able to process it and make it his own very quickly. His memory is incredible! So much better than mine. He can recall a lot of details and has an ability to connect things together to show how it all fits. He said he is very saddened at how many of the young men at ALERT cannot even explain the gospel with any clarity. He does daily Bible studies with his men and shows them the gospel and lifts up Christ. He shows them the reliability of the Bible, and how to study it and do simple word studies. Anyway, tell Mike thank you for the things he taught me and the time he invested in me. My kids are being blessed by it.

Steve and his wonderful wife Margaret served on the mission field in Cambodia for many years. Now he teaches other young missionaries at Baptist Bible Translators School in Bowie, Texas.

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