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Blessed Fruit

February 15, 2009

Deb and I went to Southern California to conduct a seminar in mid-January and had the privilege of meeting a host of happy, successful homeschoolers.

Each of the three sessions was packed out with about 1200 in attendance. Looking out over that cheerful crowd, it was easy to believe that the children of Israel have left Egypt once again. It renews my faith in what we are doing. When we sit here in our office, reading hundreds of letters, many of which are seeking answers to failures in the Christian homeschooling family, we lose sight of the many families that are experiencing great success in their take-charge lifestyles. The endless parade of smiling, bold-face kids told me that America is not finished—far from it. The Philistines may be in charge now, but there are future Presidents and statesmen being made in the homeschooling movement. If the Lord tarries, their time will come to take the helm and lead this country back to the principles of the Republic it once was.

I must have had my picture taken 200 times with kids and parents. It was great. One seven-year-old boy gave me his business card and told me that if I ever needed any web work done he would be glad to help—at standard rates, of course. I thought he was kidding. It was cute for Daddy to put him up to it. But I later discovered that he was quite serious. I was tickled just to see my boys splitting firewood and reading the label on the ketchup bottle when they were seven years old. Gabriel was wearing throwing knives when he was four but he was hanging his comfort blankie over the handle.

Our kids mature at different rates, and our abilities to teach are varied. It is not necessary that your kids be early learners and achievers, but it is important that they develop character early, that they are happy, confident, creative, and emotionally secure. I saw that fruit in southern California within mortar shell shot of Hollywood, just as I have seen it all across this land.

I am sure every one of those beautiful families felt inadequate in some area—sometimes wondered if they were doing everything right, but like you they have marked their course and they are walking a road that will perpetuate their godly heritage into the next generation. Keep on keeping on. It’s worth it, and it cheered my old heart.

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