A parent describes her dilemma: “I get so frustrated with the children. No matter how many times I tell them or spank them, they just do the same thing again. We just go ’round and ’round.”

strongWhen a parent gives a command in a frenzied state of anger, the children take it seriously only
as long as the parent is “hot.” They interpret the parent’s commands to be unreasonable and temporary, lasting only as long as the temper. If however, you give a solemn and forceful command when you are not at all emotionally wrought, the children assume that it is well thought out and not based on a temporary state of mind. When their disobedience does not upset you, but still meets with swift and sure penalty, they will believe they really are under new management. If, and only If, you are absolutely consistent, meeting every transgression with swift penalty, they will quickly adapt themselves to the new order. They will do the incredible. They will obey.

You have tried everything else. How about trying consistency? 100% CONSISTENCY, every day, when it is inconvenient, for their sakes, and for yours. You need the rest.