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Created to Be His Help Meet - 10th Anniversary Edition

August 15, 2014

Created to Be His Help Meet, first published 10 years ago, has sold over 500,000 copies in 12 languages. I am amazed, reading the testimonies of woman in England, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and many other countries, as they share how their marriages have been saved and enriched through these biblical truths.
Over the years I have learned from these many women, and, responding to their cries for help, have added TWO NEW CHAPTERS and other small revisions to address their needs. One of the new chapters is called, Servant or Servitude? There is a difference. One is godly, the other devilish. Did we fail to make that distinction clear enough the first time around? Some have indicated such. So we tackled the subject head on. May God continue to bless you as you read and obey the wonderful words of God. Pre-release Pricing in store!

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3 comments on “Created to Be His Help Meet - 10th Anniversary Edition”

  1. Has it been 10 years? Along with Preparing to be a Help meet, this is been my go-to book for helping ladies improve their walks with God, and ultimately, their marriages. Because of the biblical principles showed there, and the practical applications, I can safely say that at least 3 marriages that I helped to counsel were saved from imminent divorce. These ladies are thankful to have been able to do something to save their marriages and God blessed.
    Thank you