From our mailbox
I have seen several good things on TV. I once saw a family picture on the TV. It was sitting beside a set of good books.
Yes, the TV has some good programming, though I do not include the news and sports in that list. Particularly good is some of the educational programs.
However, I have two concerns with the TV. One is the fact that it is impossible to have one around and search for the good stuff without eventually being exposed to the garbage. I would not dig through a garbage can of slop to find the one good biscuit lying in the bottom.
Commercials are full of corruption. And even programs like Little House On the Prairie are strong on humanism.
The second problem I have with TV is that it is a thief. It robs the individual of time and creativity. Watching TV is a cessation of reality. It is an intoxicating withdrawal from the real world. The family with a TV is bucking the odds. The family without a TV stands a better chance of achieving righteous goals. Basically, watching Hollywood productions is an activity of the flesh, and can only produce carnality.
I hear a cry of legalism coming from the garbage can! OK, if you can pray the following prayer over the things you watch, then by all means watch them.
“Dear Lord, we invite you to come join us in this time of viewing. As your children, we commit this time to you as worthy of our attention. May our family be uplifted by this hour before the screen. And Lord, we pray that families everywhere would have the opportunity to do likewise. We thank you for providing this program for us, and we ask you to bless it to the edification of the Holy Spirit within. Now Lord, bless the men and women who produced this show and those who made it available us. May they have your blessings to do more of the same.
In Jesus name, we thank you, Amen.

I challenge you to copy this prayer on a card, large enough to be seen from anywhere in the room, and place it over your TV for all who enter to read. Then have the whole family read it out loud before each viewing.
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