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April 15, 1995

The key to being able to use herbs effectively is keeping it simple. It is easy to be overwhelmed with all the different herbs and their usage.

Echinacea, is a big, strange word for a 3-foot-tall, pretty, purple flower. The common name for Echinacea is “Cone flower.”

Echinacea is very effective in enhancing the immune system. It is slower than antibiotics but very effective in fighting infection.

The seed is easily found in flower seed catalogs. It is a perennial, which means once you plant it, you can expect to see it every year thereafter. It’s roots multiply each year and will need to be divide every year or so—which is a blessing since the root is the most useful part. It will take a couple of years to get a substantial enough root system to not be damaged when you harvest the roots. But, the investment in good health is worth the wait.

The Cone flower contains a chemical called hyaluronic acid that strengthens tissues against assault by invading micro-organisms. It is also effective against herpes and influenza. It is a wonderful help to a mother whose child has chronic ear ache or colds. It has proven so effective it is currently being used with AIDS patients to boost their immune system. It should not be used as a regular, daily supplement. Use it only when there is a reason to boost the immune system.

You can dry and grind the root, then put it into capsules — which you can buy. Or, a simple tea can be simmered for immediate use. Tinctures are made by soaking the diced root 1/3 to 2/3 in a rum base or apple vinegar or by adding 1/3 herb to 2/3 food grade glycerin in a quart jar and water bath on low heat for 3 days.

Before you use herbs, you need to study and know what you are doing, Herbs should be treated with respect. Herb books from your local library are your best source of information on how to grow and use herbs.

- Debi Pearl


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One comment on “Herbs—Echinacea”

  1. On July 22, 1994, 15 days after the marrage of our last child Timothy, I was finnish painting the trim on the 2nd story peak of our house, when the ladder slipped on the ground and catapulted me off of the ladder. I fell about 14 feet and landed on my left side. I laid there for a while before comeing too, then alerted my wife who took me to the hospital, and just to be on the safe side they did a cat scan to be sure I didn't have any internal injuries. During the cat scan they found a quarter sized groth on right kidney, and after further testing it was determined to be Cancer. My entire kidney was removed a month later, at which time the tumor had grown to 155mm in circumferance, and was within days of breakeing through the membrane which incapsulated the kidney.

    During the doctors first visit, the day after the surgery, my wife confronted him. as to what he ment when said he thought that he got it all, and to which she got less than a definative answer.

    After much searching and such my wife Mae Otto contacted Debbie Pearl whom we had met a couple of years earlier and asked what, if anything could be done to positivly affect a quality out come to the Doctors rather
    undefinative prognosis

    Debbie Pearl suggested echenacea. My wife ran out to a health food store and purchased a bottle and gave me 3 capsules, twice daily. In the meantime she harvested every purple cone flower she could get her hands on, and dried and ground the roots, and then filled her own capusels with the mixture she had prepared and I kept up with the doseage for two years.

    This may not work for everyone but it worked for me.

    Go figure

    Dennis Otto
    Cancer survivor 14 years and counting