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Fatty Liver and Ugly Toes

August 15, 2010

My husband spent many of his young years on fishing boats in Alaska. The life of a professional fisherman is not easy. They labored 18 to 22 hours each day, on their feet, and they would be out on the boat for as much as a month at a time. It was a hard life, made for real men, but it also made for toe fungus. Wearing the same shoes, and often running out of socks, feet got wet and stayed wet. Soon, white nails began to grow as the fungus grew stronger.

Toe fungus is not one of these things that just goes away if you ignore it, but people try. James and I got married a few years later; I took one look at his toenails and was determined to get rid of it. So I found some natural remedies and gave them to him, but he was used to having the fungus and not very concerned about it at first. You won’t get rid of any ailment without consistency.

After a few years the fungus annoyed him enough that he wanted to be rid of it, so he went to the doctor and got some medicine. It seemed to work: three months of taking the medicine and the fungus was almost gone. The medicine ran out, but he figured if he kept his feet clean and dry, all would be well.

Wrong! The fungus came back with a vengeance. He got more medicine. It worked not quite as well as the first time, and worse, the moment he stopped taking it, the fungus returned stronger than ever. Worse still, he constantly seemed stressed out, grouchy and sometimes even angry.

I knew that this was not him and there was something wrong, so I started to research. I knew that certain medications adversely affect the liver, but I did not know that anti-fungals like Ketoconazole and anti-TB medicines like Rifampicin and Pyrazinamide topped the list of liver killers. I knew James was in trouble. I needed to know how bad he was and what I could do to help him, so I researched the symptoms of liver problems.

Here are a few of the symptoms: constipation, chronic gastritis, morning sickness, hepatitis, cirrhosis, Hepatomegaly (enlarged liver), a yellowish tinge about the eyes and dark yellow urine, anemia, nausea, light colored stools, irritable bowels or irregular bowel movements, swelling under the right lower ribs, painful breathing, curved and whitish look of nails, nose bleeding, and easy bruising (caused by protein deficiency), and also frequent headaches, dizziness, spasms, irritability, depression, anger, stress, PMS, hormonal problems, acne, skin rashes or skin problems, and unusual tiredness.

James showed many of these symptoms, so I started researching everything liver.

Did you know...

...that a fully grown liver is the size of a football and the biggest organ in the body?

...that many people live with less than three quarters of their liver working?

...that it is not only an organ but also the largest gland in the body?

Your liver is one of your body’s most crucial components. It is also the only organ that can rebuild itself. To rebuild a liver completely takes 18 to 24 months, because that is how long the liver cells live.

The liver has many functions: manufacturing proteins, synthesizing, storing, and processing (metabolizing) fats (used for energy), metabolizing and storing carbohydrates, which are used in blood that red blood cells and the brain use, forming and secreting bile, and absorbing vitamins A, D, E, and K. The liver also eliminates the potentially harmful biochemical products produced by the body, and detoxifies drugs, alcohol, and environmental toxins.

Everyone is different with detoxification, depending on what they eat and what they are around. People eating organic food and living a low chemical life will recover much faster than, say, a painter, or someone that has been on prescription medications with serious side effects. Life can quickly get bad when your liver is not working well, because your blood passes through your liver but does not get recharged properly. This can give you fatigue, toxemia, and chronic diseases. A healthy liver balances your body and enhances your quality of life. A bad liver can turn all the joy and excitement in life into impatience and anger. So how do you know when your liver-cleansing program is complete? Your skin will be more lustrous, your vision will be better, your skin will be free from red blotches and itchy spots, your brain will be clearer, and you’ll have more energy and a sense for tomorrow.

Regenerating the liver takes longer than detoxification. The detoxification will make you feel better, because it will give your liver the clean house it needs to start rebuilding. But beware: that’s just the beginning. Your liver needs to be nourished and well taken care of while it is rebuilding. Here are some things that help your liver along: eating nourishing and organic foods whenever you can, avoiding chemicals, drinking eight cups of water a day, taking nourishing anti-oxidants, and using blood purifying herbs and foods.

I researched herbs to find the perfect combination for my man to take. I made a tincture and he started taking it. Within a few days I could already see a difference. He was relaxed for the first time in months. I was so excited! I knew we had a long way to go, but we were well on our way to the old James.

One month later, he is still taking my homemade Liver Tincture and doing well. He plans to continue to take a dropper full (1/2 tsp) 3 to 5 times a day for 3 to 6 months, then a dropper full 1 to 2 times a day for 2 years.

Life is good, and living life with joy, excitement, and purpose makes it even better. Don’t give up if you are sick. Research, and enjoy the best quality of life you can.

For James’ toenail fungus, I am coming up with something great. I will let you guys in on it when I get it perfected.

The Liver Tincture contains: Indian gooseberry/amalaki, turmeric, ginger, dandelion leaf, licorice root, burdock root, milk thistle seed, hawthorn berries, ginseng root, astragalus root, and St. John’s wort.

The Liver Tincture is a combination of herbs that purify the blood, are rich in anti-oxidants, nourish the liver, help with liver enlargement, aid in rebuilding the liver, ease the stress of detoxing on the body, level the hormones, stimulate the digestive system and more.

How to make it:

Fill a clean glass canning jar 2/3 full with dried herbs. Add vodka up to one inch from the top. Screw lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Shake 3-7 times a week. The tincture needs to sit at least 2-6 weeks. Strain tincture and pour into a colored glass bottle, closing the lid tightly. Alcohol tinctures will last 2-3 years. Tinctures need to be kept in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet. Why use vodka? Water rolls off the liver where alcohol goes straight to it, bringing the herb with it.

For more recipes, herbs, Liver Cleanser Mix, and more, contact the Bulk Herb Store at


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27 comments on “Fatty Liver and Ugly Toes”

  1. I was completely sold on your story until the vodka! For a year I had suffered with an internal illness that affected my life in a monumental way. God had so graciously intervened by placing in my path "The Hallelujah Diet" by Rev. George Malkmus. I no longer suffer from the illness and many other ailments that I had been a slave to for many years. Thank you for sharing your research on the liver.
    "God's Word; Know it, Live it, Believe it and be changed!" Ronda Arnold

  2. Good article. I cured my toenail fungus with two things, and it took 10 months to see normal looking thin nails, but a reduction in discoloration from the bottom up began immediately. I soaked my toes in straight white vinegar every morning for one month. Do not rinse off. Every night I rubbed Vicks vaporub on them, for three months. After that I used the vicks 2-3 times per week, and still use it a few times a month as a preventative, because mold spores are tricky. It is important to get rid of old spore infested shoes as well. For shoes worn rarely during the time you had fungus, spray the insides with tinactin occasionally. Going shoelessis the best idea. I think I got fungus after developing a heel spur during my last pregnancy at age 44. I wore shoes with orthotics every waking moment, and my feet didn't get a chance to breathe. Good luck to everyone bothered by this condition. By the way wearing nail polish on my toes didn't seem to affect the treatment, but I didn't waer it at all the first three months.

  3. I don't have a problem with the alcohol in the tincture, but for those who do, possibly one could brew the herbs in tea like form and drink the tea? Also, try beet Kvass as well for not just detoxing but for healing. Each culture has its own 'fermented' foods, and all have proven to be very beneficial in helping with liver function (think Kim-chee, home-made pickles (not store bought) relishes, and beet kvass. There are many more, look them up and see! Thank you for a great recipe, I can tell you've done a lot of research into this, I have as well (my dad has liver disease) and I have found many things about the liver I didn't know. Keeping it healthy is crucial.

  4. Tea tree oil is a natural antifungal and we have used it successfully on toenail fungus. Apply every night to clean, dry toenails. You will have to do it until a totally, fungus-free toenail grows out, but it WILL work in about 8-10 months, depending on how fast your nail grows. The smell is kind of different, but you get used to it over time and I actually like it now!

  5. I was wondering if you could tell us the correct amounts of the herbs to use in the tincture. Should we use equal amounts of the herbs you listed, to make the tincture? Or another set of amounts? Thanks!

  6. I saw your article in my magazine and online and I was wondering if you would forward my email to Mrs. Easling.
    I am unsure how much of each herb to place in my tincture. I don't want to over do it.

  7. I also recommend tea tree oil for nail fungus. My friend had a toenail fungus for 12 years, and within two weeks a noticeable cure was occuring, and within a month she was back to wearing "sandals" again, which she hadn't worn in years because of the fungus. It worked a miracle!

  8. I also would like to know ammounts. I used to live in the mountains of western NC a few miles from the TN line, and i knew a few herbs that grew locally. I had never heard of a "tincture" until i had my baby (#5) at home this summer - my first home-birth! My mid-wife gave me an herbal book, but it all still seems foreign to me. i want to learn for the sake of my family's health. Any books you could reccomend for beginners?

  9. The best medicine for my finger nail fungus was nail polish. make sure you have it on all the time, so water stay out. it worked for me and got my nail back and saved lot of money.

  10. I successfully cured my 8 year old son's fingernail fungus by adding a drop of Grape Fruit Seed Extract (GSE) to an anti-fungal before bed time and covered with with a bandaid for about 1 week. Doctor said it couldn't be done but I it cured it! The GSE made all the difference. My 3 children gargle with it and we've never had strep throat!

  11. I look forward to reading what you come up with for the toe fungus. If you do try tea tree oil, go for New Zealand tea tree, known as Manuka oil it's great as its antibacterial factor is up to 30 times more powerful than Aus. tea tree and is also more gentle on those with sensitive skin.

  12. Shoshana,
    Thanks for your article. My husband has a miraculous liver cleansing story! It all started at age 40, with digestive problems, that stemmed from galbladder issues, that was aggravated by a congested liver. It took us months to figure out what was wrong, & we saw at least 8 different doctors who just wanted to give him drugs for acid reflux. God lead us to the book called, "The Liver & Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" by Andreas Moritz. The book cover is white with a slice of an orange on top. It contains a TON of information with directions of how to do an at-home flush to remove liver and gall stones. My husband was determined to keep his gallbladder & at least try to heal his body naturally. He has been doing the cleanses pretty much monthly since Sept. of 2007. Its been 3 years & at least 28-30 cleanses later. The biggest miracle is that he was completely healed from ALL food allergies. After about 10 cleanses, he began to be able to eat things he hasn't been able to eat since he was 13 yrs old. Fresh fruits & veggies caused his throat & eyes to swell. Today he can eat pretty much anything! In the beginning, it was REALLY hard. He was allergic to many of the good foods his body needed. He was trying to avoid junk, but couldn't eat healthy. He is 6ft tall & typically weighed 230-240 lbs. When he got sick, he dropped to 158 lbs ! He looked like an escapee from a nazi war camp. Everyone thought he had cancer. Now he is gorgeous...weighs 210, & is full of lean muscle. He is still on the road to recovery & working rebuilding the liver & galbladder. To date, he has passed hundreds of thousands of stones!!! YES,..that many! He has been faithful to do these cleanses almost monthly for 3 years. He has taken peppermint, chanca piedra, & chamomile to break up stones. It is sad that many people have their galbladder removed thinking they got rid of all the stones, when in reality..the liver is where thousands reside. Among allergy healing, he also has gorgeous skin...thousands of liver spots are gone from his arms. I thought they were freckles! He also has had healing from thick, yellow toenails. I know that the cleansing, along with strong probiotics have helped the fungal conditions. Also, his emotions have improved like no other. I think this is just as miraculous as the allergy healing. He was very prone to anger. You know how wives complain about their husbands being angry all the time...they should have their husbands clean their liver!! The liver is the "emotional" organ of the body. So I just wanted to suggest that James do some of these cleanses. We have found several different similiar recipes on the internet or from other natural health advocates,..but the cleanse in this book is the most effective that we have tried. By the way..I've done 4 cleanses myself & I passed a gallstone the size of a small egg! I was 39 years old,...and I felt like I was 18 for the next 3 days! We've had doctors & nurses tell us that its impossible to pass a gallstone. I just laugh...they have much to learn! Anyhow, I hope this story helps...perhaps you can do some more research on it & do a follow up article for "angry husbands"
    God Bless!

  13. Love this article and the tincture. I don't know why some people have so much trouble with the Vodka part.
    Oh and thank you for your helpful information Denise. I'm going to look up that book!

  14. pniccimiss:You're doing too much! Please get your feet out of the bleach, in the long run it can daagme your skin. Either just treat your feet with the tea-tree or the myoxcide, but not both. If you overload your skin with all the treatments your body will keep sending out new bacteria to try and fight all the mixed chemicals and they'll never recover. Make sure you keep your feet as cool and dry as possible don't wear trainers/sneakers as they soften the feet and make you sweat more. Try the prescribed/pharmacy treatment on its own for a few weeks and see what happens.References :

  15. Dr. Shealy recommends Vicks for toenail fungus or athletes foot. Many have called back on his local radio show and said that they had tried many prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines and Vicks cleared it up right away. Also takes away smelly feet! 🙂

  16. I read this article and I thought I would inform you that you should put a warning that no one should try this detox treatment without talking to a doctor first. Some herbs can make certain medicines, such as Warfarin (used as a blood thinner in people who have had blood clots and strokes), not work and increase the risk of developing another blood clot. Also, people who have had any of their intestine removed can't do liver detox treatments, because they can cause rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. I learned this the hard way when I tried an liver detox that was offered at a local natural food store. I became so ill that I had to be hospitalized for a week, due to a severe electrolyte imbalance. At the time, I had no idea that if you didn't have a large intestine, you were not supposed to do any form of liver or intestinal detox treatment. Plus, people with their large intestines removed or even some of their small intestines removed are not supposed to have alcohol, because it can cause rapid dehydration. Please consider this before you recommend any herbal supplements.

  17. I appreciated this article very much and would try your Liver Tincture if another delivery agent could be used other than alcohol. To explain, I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages about four months ago after being diagnosed with over 140 cholesterol at age 71. I also radically changed my diet and have begun walking a few miles a week. I chose not to take statins, as my VA advised, and prefer to clear my blocked arteries homeopathically with an intense concoction of ginger, lemon, garlic, tumeric, acv, etc. because I'm trying to give my kidney a chance to heal. So please advise on an alternative delivery agent - other than alcohol - and I will immediately put your ingredients together. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks. Respectfully, Jorj