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My Favorite Way to Start Each Day

October 14, 2016
My Favorite Way to Start Each Day

Every morning that dawns is like a new opportunity to start fresh, to try new approaches and make new decisions. That’s why I love to start each day seeking my Creator’s face, simply asking him to give me his wisdom.

Can you imagine God giving you the chance to ask for anything? Long ago, a new ruler sat on a throne in Israel. God approached him in a vision by night and told him to ask anything his heart desired. The young king’s response was staggering—he didn’t choose riches or fame or protection—he asked for wisdom to rightly govern God’s people. God was so pleased with his answer that he gave him the wisest heart of anyone who has ever lived. Since that time the world has never forgotten about the wisdom of King Solomon.The story doesn’t end there though, because God is still offering wisdom to people today. He promises to give it to anyone who asks, but very few people are interested in it these days. There are some, however, who take God at his word. They ask. And to those, God promises it will be given liberally. “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally . . . and it shall be given him” (James 1:5).

Living life successfully requires a lot of wisdom, and I very often feel the lack of it in my own life. It isn’t easy being an adult with responsibilities. It isn’t always easy to make important relationships work well. And it certainly isn’t easy to transform needy, dependent children into mature, responsible, God-loving adults.

Before my feet even hit the floor, I like to ask for his guidance. In particular, I need wisdom for four noisy, cumbersome, loud, often-selfish, mostly-sweet, energetic, inquisitive, growing little girls. So I ask for it.

I don’t always start my day this way—it’s not some sort of magic ritual to make life go perfectly. But I take courage in the fact that my loving Father will give me anything I need to know if I ask for it in faith. How about you? Are you looking for wisdom?


Kelsie is privileged to be wife to Joshua, and mom to four girls, with a baby boy due in January 2017! She lives with her family in Ukraine, where they have served as missionaries for more than a decade. She loves good books, drinking tea, speaking Ukrainian, keeping up with friends, and laughing at her husband’s silly jokes. Kelsie also enjoys pursuing writing and editing as a means of ministry.

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