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Full Circle

June 24, 2021

Hi, I’m Janelle Grace Brand, number 5 of the 27 grandchildren of Michael and Debi Pearl. I’ve officially made the full circle. As I watch the office manger’s young, rambunctious children run through No Greater Joy’s office to bring their daddy his lunch, I can’t help but be reminded of when I did the same thing. My earliest memories are sitting on my mother’s (Shalom Pearl Brand) lap as a very young child while she sat opening letters and writing replies. She would quietly talk to me while she worked and tell me what she was reading. She let me hold the letters as she sliced them open with a letter opener. I never felt I was in the way. I was a part of the important things that were happening.

As I grew older my own footsteps could be heard rambunctiously running up and down the hallways, and before long my siblings were right there with me. Some of our fondest memories were created in that old office. Our family lived just a short distance from the office so we often went up the lane for one reason or another. One of the office staff would print off coloring pages for us and give us color crayons to do art for them.

I am soon to be 17 years old. I have 5 younger siblings, 4 wild, adventurous brothers and one very artistic sister who takes after her Big Papa. Somewhere over what seems just a few days, I am not the little kid running up and down the halls anymore but now one of the employees working here at NGJ. The fact that I am writing my first article for the magazine just seems surreal. Just think, when I was just a baby and learning to take my first steps in these office halls, God knew in a few short years I would be here answering your phone calls and packing the books that you order. I had no clue what my future would hold or what direction God would take me, but I am so thankful that God is directing my life. I love being a part of the family ministry. I love learning and experiencing what it means to serve in this manner and I love working at the desk where I once sat in my mama’s lap.

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