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Getting to Know Us

May 15, 2015
Pearl family back in the good ol' days

This is the welcome from our first-ever newsletter, printed in May 1995.


You have received this newsletter from the little Church at Cane Creek because you purchased one of our books, To Train Up a Child. Michael Pearl is a Pastor-Teacher to some of the Saints at Cane Creek.

It’s plowing time again and the horses can be seen standing sweaty at the end of a long furrow dividing the ploughed from the yet to be ploughed ground. Or, if you come by my house, you can hear my sixty-year-old tractor protest at being cranked up one more year. For several years now it has tried to become a rusty relic of the past, but I keep dragging it into the future with me. We might just survive this “New Age” and go out together.

This newsletter is designed to be an encouragement to you as you ‘repioneer’ the nearly, lost art of family. In this open line of communication, you will read answers to your questions and hear how others are managing situations similar to your own. We include articles on various subjects that effect the family, education, work, entertainment, worship and health. The articles are not written by psychologists or professionals; they are written by parents who have successfully traveled the road before you. We welcome any questions you may have. We may not be able to answer every letter personally, but we will try.

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