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Gospel Box Update

December 11, 2015
Gospel Box Update

(If you haven’t heard about the Gospel Box, NGJ published an introductory article in the March-April 2015 magazine, access it here:


Most of the kinks have been worked out of the Gospel Boxes (GBs) and I am now proceeding with field tests. GBs have been sent to China, Peru and Ireland, as well as several locations around the U.S. I have not gotten results back, so at this writing, I don’t know if the idea is a success. I need to test the devices on a larger scale, so I need YOUR help! If you would like to help out with this project and place a GB in a good* area, please contact me and I will send you a complete GB for testing. These are finished units that don’t require any nerd skills. Simply plug it into a power source and it will automatically start broadcasting the Gospel over Wi-Fi, as well as log the numbers on how many visitors and any downloads that were made.

Right now it costs approximately $31 plus build time for one Gospel Box. When I order the parts in larger quantities, I expect the price to drop even lower. I have the parts to build 20 GBs and will be ordering additional parts soon. If you want to help out with field testing, contact me through NGJ (I’m at the office on Wed. Mornings) or email me at [email protected]. If you wish to participate, please know that I will be asking you to record the statistics and relay them back to me, as well as capturing photos/videos of the setup and setup area. This is done on a first-come first-served basis. Due to my limited resources, there will be only 50 of these free units available. Once we’re done testing it will be available for purchase in a plug-and-play unit. DIY instructions will also be available on the iMissionaries website,

*What defines a good location?

  • No other Wi-Fi connections
    We don’t want our Gospel Box Wi-Fi signal lost in a sea of other free Wi-Fi networks.
  • Lots of people
    Think bus station, airport or crowded stores/restaurants in cities.
  • Power
    For a permanent installation, access to a power outlet or USB power port is required.
  • Return access
    You must be able to return to the device in a few weeks and access the statistics page.

Note: The definition of a “good” location might change over time based on feedback from field tests. Other possible locations might include a busy state park/campground, college campus or community center.

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