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He Touched Me

May 15, 1996

That I be made strong.

I could see Him there before me
But too weak to force my way
Someone shoved me and I stumbled
Hurting now and dazed.
At last in desperate effort
I lunged and then I fell
My fingers brushed His garment
And I knew I was made well!
I lay there in the dust
Tears streaming down my face
Rejoicing I was healed
And then I heard Him say;
“Who touched me?” He stopped
And the crowd fell silent now>
Bewildered at His question
I watched Him turn around
Master,” I cried, trembling in my soul
“Twas I that touched you
And now I am made whole!”
“Fear not, my daughter,”
Then He bid me peace
And I wondered, did I touch Him?
Or did Jesus touch me?

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