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I Am a Mommy

December 15, 2005

It was Christmas morning, 1983. The scent of a Christmas roast, telltale of a delicious dinner to come wafted through the house. Happy voices and laughter rang out with expressions of delight. Paper littered the floor, and children ran in all directions. Lights on the tree twinkled merrily as one of the older kids selected packages, parceling them out to their various recipients. The scene must have been an absorbing one to the little 18 month-old girl sitting waiting for her gift. Soon someone handed this tiny observer a package and said, “Here Kelsie, this one’s for you.” Mom and Dad helped to tear off the wrapping paper and open the box. Inside was a tiny baby doll with a soft pink flannel dress and bonnet. Kelsie picked up her little doll, wrapping her chubby arms tightly around it. Oblivious to a stack of presents that sat waiting for her to open, she turned around and toddled off with her new treasure. She had her baby.
That was the beginning of my journey toward motherhood. New dolls replaced older ones, each doll as realistic and life-size as possible. My dolls went with me everwhere. I remember pushing my “babies” in my own plastic cart down the grocery store aisles, and taking them on family excursions. Hardly a day of my childhood passed that I did not spend hours playing with my babies and dreaming of the day when I would be a mother. I was well into my teens when I finally packed my dolls away to be stored in the attic.
Twenty-two years have passed since that first “baby,” and now I find myself enjoying a gift of far greater worth. My own tiny bundle of joy arrived safely in this world September 25th. Ever since then I have felt a new purpose and fulfillment. As I bathe little Abby, change her, or get up with her in the night, I realize that I am living my lifelong dream. I am a mother.
Joshua and I thank God for our precious little Abigail. She delights us daily with her bright eyes and cute little smiles. We are looking forward to bringing her home to America to visit her Grandmas and Grandpas and all her cousins. We are so thankful to all of you who pray for us as we minister in Ukraine.
For more infomation on Joshua and Kelsie Steele, sign up for their e-report at (Steeles are currently involved in the translation of the Illustrated Bible Story Book into the Ukranian language.)
Kelsie Steele

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