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It's possible to correct the future

October 15, 2007

I receive so many letters of heartbreak and tragedy. In this ministry, we strive to help people stop the bleeding, save a life, a marriage, a family, a child, a soul.

The doctor must think, “If only…” If a doctor had a time machine, he could go back to Saturday morning and warn a young man about where his day will lead him—to a stretcher with plastic tubes his only life line, his back broken, his spinal cord severed, or one arm amputated. But we know that it is impossible to correct the past; yet it is still possible to correct the future.

I am 62 years old now, and have been ministering since I was 16. I have heard the stories and witnessed the lives of thousands of people. There comes a time when cause and effect become so apparent. Today, in our community when I see young couples just starting out, I know there is an “accident” waiting in the shadows for them. I could tell them what life holds, and warn them that it would not be pretty. I personally know families raising kids who will surely fail. Their children will crash and burn. It is as obvious to me as if it had already happened. No, it is not a prophetic ability, and in some of their cases, thankfully time will prove me wrong. But it will be the grace of God and the intervention of the Holy Spirit that will save them from the otherwise inevitable.

Many times when we are counseling someone and are listening to their story, it is so tragic and tangled that we have to reach out by faith to offer them any hope at all out of their mess. We feel like the doctor standing over the mangled body . . . if only. . . Many of you are glibly following a similar path to tragedy. We write to you, knowing from experience that we cannot correct the past, but Deb and I and the staff of No Greater Joy are here to try to correct the future.

Consider me a visitor from the future. My time machine has brought me to your home. I bring a warning for you. There is pain ahead on the course you are presently taking, but it is preventable. It is not too late to change the future. The formula is simple: To change the future, you must change the present. One last-minute act of desperation is not enough. You must change every day of your remaining time with your children in many ways. It is not too late to change the future, if you start now.

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2 comments on “It's possible to correct the future”

  1. This resounds with my heart. And I know this is what needs to start in my home family immediately, (my husband doesn't see the same urgency so I'm alone sonewhat) My question is where do I start and what do I do