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It’s Time

October 11, 2012
Jerry Balding teaching through Good & Evil

In just a few years, the story on pages 315-318 of the Good & Evil book has been repeated in the lives of millions of people in over 40 different language groups.

In America families are buying cases of Good and Evil books and sending them to prisons. Every day we get stacks of letters from prisoners rejoicing that they have been forgiven. Many of these men continue to give the gospel to those behind bars.

Today in the Philippines, one such ex-prisoner goes to three schools each week giving the gospel message, showing a gospel film, and then giving out a handful of Good and Evil books. He unashamedly begs for more books, saying he could reach so many more teens if he only had more books available. We sent three church members over to visit him this fall, and they said the Muslim teenagers beg for the books because there is so little printed literature in their language. All three men felt we should make the sacrifice to have more Good and Evil books printed, since this man and his family are pouring out their lives in poor conditions to get the gospel out.

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much” (Luke 7:47a).

Other families are taking Good and Evil to Interstate underpasses in cities like Dallas where new refugees gather to visit each other. People who speak other languages are, for the first time, hearing the wonderful gospel right here in the USA. One such family that goes to these new refugees is reaching so many people, they are frustrated that they have to take precious time out to go to work every day. They wish they could spend all day—every day—giving out Good and Evil books and sharing other literature with these people groups. They are full-time missionaries while being just plain-old folks trying to make a living. Anyone looking for a missionary to support? I would recommend this family. You could offer to have the Good and Evil books printed to reach whatever language group they are working with. Eternal dividends guaranteed.

Our ministry could never have gone beyond these hills of Tennessee without help. But God started a ball rolling almost 20 years ago by having Mike, an unknown nobody, write a simple child training book. With one advertisement, we became international authors. You KNOW that was God. Then a few years later we wrote a book on marriage that went viral, and suddenly we had money to use in missions. God reached down to the least of us and gave us a vision of reaching the entire world with his message of salvation. It was a huge task. It took seven years, and the devil fought us every step of the way. But now we are gaining momentum. Prisons are being transformed from bloody repositories of the worst of humanity to places where gospel songs ring from every cell. Entire people groups have the message. In once-closed nations, people who had never heard the name of Jesus are now sitting cross-legged at the doors of their huts, listening to Good and Evil being read while carefully studying the pictures. His name is being proclaimed and glorified.

This vision of reaching the world with written missionaries can no longer be sustained by NGJ. It has grown too large. God gave us the command to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” You can make this happen by giving to get a new language in print, by reprinting where there is a need, or by taking the gospel message yourself to someone who has never heard. It’s time to join the fight.

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  1. I am trying to locate the Dallas missionary referenced in this article. Please help! We would like to support him as we live near by. Thank you for your help.