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Joshua Steele's Bible First!

June 15, 2016
Joshua Steele's Bible First!

When we first moved to Cane Creek 30 years ago, there were about 30 people who met with us several times a week for over a year to study through the Old Testament.

We all took part in the teaching and research. The study of Genesis was the longest and most important book we covered. It turned out to be foundational in coming to understand who God is and his plan for us. The people who took part in that study became grounded in truth.

One day a few years back I received a manuscript from someone who wanted to know if what they had written would interest our readers. I get manuscripts often and try to read at least a portion of each. That afternoon I kicked back on the couch, put my feet up on the other end, and got comfortable. It was a long manuscript of Bible lessons from Genesis, and it was naptime. I figured I might make it a page or two before the afternoon snooze overtook me.

Sometime in the late afternoon, when the shadows make reading difficult, and long after the time I should have started dinner, I finished the last page. Simply said, it was an amazing, riveting read. It built the same foundation that we had discovered those many years before. It is a foundation that most families and churches have missed. It builds faith and wisdom and instills the fear of God deep into your soul. Any homeschooling mama could establish her children on this foundation by using this simple Bible curriculum. All Sunday school classes from 10 years old and up would enjoy it and grow from using it each week.

I contacted Joshua and asked if we could partner with him to make this Bible curriculum available to homeschoolers everywhere. We have pallets of the six small booklets ready for your children, Sunday school, or family devotions. I am sending 55 sets to the pastors’ conference in the Philippines so they can enjoy a clean, clear study of the book of Genesis.

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One comment on “Joshua Steele's Bible First!”

  1. I started reading the first book in this series this week. It is excellent! Such a beautiful foundation is laid. This will definitely be part of our families home school studies!