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Let Your Light Shine

June 15, 2016
Let Your Light Shine

God has raised up an army of people who are shining the light of Jesus into prisons all across America. For years through the gifts we receive, No Greater Joy has been sending Good and Evil books into the prisons. Two other people contacted us and asked if they could send books to prisoners in their states. It never dawned on us to present this ministry opportunity to other folks until recently!

Over the years thousands of letters have come back from inmates thanking us (some with tears of rejoicing), telling us they were born again due to what they came to understand reading G&E. Many chaplains say it is the very best piece of literature to ever come into the prisons. It is easy to read and chronologically tells the Bible story of salvation from Creation to the New Jerusalem. Many prisons have been drastically changed by placing this book in the hands of inmates. Preachers and teachers come and go, but the book with the message of God stays and keeps teaching, preaching, encouraging, and winning the souls of men. It is passed from hand to hand; it never sleeps or tires. Once placed in the hands of an inmate, it goes on and on ministering for years. And inmates are a captive audience, so they WILL read and reread the pages.

Two months ago it suddenly dawned on me that other people NEED to have the opportunity to send these books into prisons. There are people with a burden for those behind bars who would love to be a part of this ministry.

Up until now we have been stingy in letting chaplains know about Good and Evil books because we simply could not afford to send more. As you can see on the map, to date, 20 people or churches have stepped forward to take the responsibility to send Good and Evil books to the prisons in one state. Now we can contact the chaplains of these states and give them a sample book as well as 20 redemption cards, which the prisoners fill out and mail to us. When we send one Good and Evil to a chaplain, that basically guarantees a BIG response. Usually they photocopy the redemption cards so many others can receive a book.

Here is how to be a Light Bearer. First, call Thea at 931-593-3115. Tell her the state in which you want to be a Light Bearer. You must order at least four boxes of books to get the Light Bearer extreme discount (please don’t ask for this discount if you are not a Light Bearer). Then each week we will send you a stack of inmate letters and a sheet of already printed out mailing labels (addresses of your state’s inmates) ready to be used on packages. The number of requests varies greatly. It all depends on how many chaplains we contact and how many requests you think you can handle. If you have a limit, we can take up the slack and only send you what you can afford. There can be more than one Light Bearer in each state.

You put the address labels on the packages (you buy the packaging), put the book in, add redemption cards if you want more requests next month, and a note or your address (use a P.O. box address) if you want the prisoner to write back to you. Our office can tell you where we get the best deals on packaging and very simple, inexpensive shipping equipment to save you a trip to the post office. May God bless you as you let your LIGHT shine into the hearts of those behind bars.

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:14–16).

Share the Burden

Many Light Bearers LOVE the burden of mailing books to prisoners, but others are feeling the same strain on their finances that NGJ has felt over the years as the demand for books keep increasing. If you have a burden for prisoners that don’t know Jesus, you can donate directly to this project without having to pack, ship or correspond with the prisoners. You can even request that your donation be given to pay for books within a specific state. Your financial contribution can save souls! You can mail a check to NGJ with Light Bearers in the memo section or donate online at


May 17, 2016

One of our inmates requested an item like GOOD AND EVIL, which I had heard about at a recent conference, perhaps at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The inmate shared his struggle with literacy, but his love of comics, and a desire to have religious materials in graphic comic format. Unfortunately, our institution was unable to budget for the item. Some of our inmates who genuinely seek to follow Christ and increase their faith have limited literacy skills. So this publication is truly a God-send!

Jeffrey L. Oliver, Chaplain
FCI Fairton, NJ

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