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A Letter from Mr. Visionary

April 24, 2018

Dear Mike,

My 82nd birthday arrived this past October and that day I received the issue of “NGJ.” As I read your transparent reply to a young wife, I could not help but relate, for I am a dreamer myself, having had many dreams which, in many cases, have cost lots of money, but my wife has helped me along the way, has forgiven me, and loves me.

It seems like I have been married to her for a lifetime, for without her many of my dreams would not have been realized. My 20-year stint in the military has given me a retirement income plus VA disability compensation; I am able to help the widow and the orphan, tithe at my church, and help other ministries as well along with having the fulfillment of one of my dreams, and that is, as a master gardener, having something blooming all year round on the 20-acre homestead my wife and I named Victory Gardens. I do so very much feel content in that the Lord has allowed many of my dreams to be fulfilled, even with what they cost, to prove his strength in my life and to show me he has been with me all along. I love the fact that the Holy Spirit has my back!

As I read your article, Brother, I was so encouraged that I am not the only dreamer on this planet, and I have come to realize that as I continue on my dream-journey with a good wife who supports me, well, God is good; he’s a good, good Father!

Your brother in Christ,


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