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Little Mikey Makes a Wise Choice

August 9, 2013
Little Mikey Makes a Wise Choice

One day when Mike Pearl was a little boy, he was out playing with his friends. As they were walking home, one of the boys picked up a rock and threw it at a window. They thought watching the glass shatter was a lot of fun. All the boys laughed and started picking up rocks to throw as well. Little Mikey told his friends that what they were doing might be fun, but was wrong, and he hurried home. Mike chose to honor his dad and mom rather than dishonor them. Mike Pearl’s dad had never told him not to throw rocks, but he knew in his heart it was wrong, so he walked on. There are times that you will need to keep walking and not follow your friends’ example, even if it looks like fun. If you learn to make a wise choice now, then the rest of your life choices will be easier.

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One comment on “Little Mikey Makes a Wise Choice”

  1. Oh goodness this too close to home, I babysit a little girl from our church her mama and daddy both work she is generally a sweet little thing but one day she and my boy (both age 6), were out-side, my boy has a sling shot and well we got neighbors that live pretty close by you see we live in the city, anyhow, they were having lots of fun with that thing, the little girl decided it would be fun to stand on the fence and throw piece of broken ceramic pot from a pot that broke in our yard into the neighbors yard, my little boy going along with this sweet little girl's idea and well broke the neighbors table, later that night his younger brother told me what happen, we usually sit around the table talk about our day itsa time of conversation of what went on during the day time for the kids to confess any wrong doing ect. thats how our dinner table works, so i asked "did anything go wrong today was it a good day", my 6yr old in utter shame and head hung low, didnt say a peep when it was his turn to talk he said well umm ya, i sorta broke the neighbors table you see i was throwing rocks straight up into the air and it broke the table, I knew he was lying..... so I had him go outside and demonstrate and low and behold the rocks came straight down so I said well how did the rocks get over the 6foot fence and under the patio to break the table, if you were throwing them straight up, meanwhile my 4year old is saying you better tell the truth, he finally did confess, and boy oh boy was he sorry, he went to the neighbor confessed his wrong doing cleaned up all the broken glass, came home worked off his 150.00 debt the cost to replace the neighbors glass table and didnt go outside for 10 days he worked from sunup to sundown those 10days my baseboards were clean, my tile was clean, my walls were clean, my weeds were pulled, and all the other kids ate popsciles and had a great time outside!!!! He has since threw rocks, I sure hope he learned his lesson he loves Mike Pearl so I am reading this article to him about wise Mike!!!!!! Thanks for this