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From Our Mailbox- I Found “Created” at a Yardsale

October 13, 2017

Dear Mike and Debi,

Our family wants to thank you for all the work you have done to spread God’s word. The book Created To Be His Help Meet saved our relationship and our lives. We came across your book at a city wide yard sale that was inside an abandoned school. My husband wasn’t raised to know the Bible but it was him that pointed out the book because he knows I enjoy reading Christian material. It drew my attention because he was unusually supportive of this book. Neither of us understood the title’s meaning but the mystery of what the title meant made it even more intriguing. Plus the cover said, “Discover how God can make your marriage glorious,” so I figured it was worth at least skimming through.

When we got home I began reading and couldn’t put it down. By far the best book I’ve ever read. It’s enjoyable to read and also taught me an entirely new way to approach life. At the time I was in school for nursing and had a 16-month-old. I love helping others, but was overwhelmed and resentful that ALL my time was filled with doing things for others with no time for myself. I felt angry at myself for being selfish, hated that I was not serving with a happy heart, and was so resentful that I had begun to hate being a woman. I knew I needed some way to cope with this or else I’d forever be miserable. I prayed that God would save us and help me cope with life’s stress and for God to open my husband’s eyes so HE could change. Little did I know it was ME that needed to change. It was less than 2 days after opening your book that our relationship blossomed. He was nicer, happier, and began helping with things he did not do before. I apologized to him for my selfishness and promised to learn to be the help meet he deserves. Later my husband mentioned how when we found your book it was in a box that sat outside the classroom where we first met at age 11. God meant for us to find that book! Now our relationship continues to improve each day through God. Our daughter gets to grow up with both her parents and who knows how many more children we will have that would otherwise not exist. Our family is forever thankful to your family for spreading God’s word!
– R.D.

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