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Men Will Be Boys

February 15, 2004

What do Michael and Debi do all day?

For part of the last 10 days (May 1-10), we have been traveling, doing seminars in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The days we are at home are full of catching up on never-ending office work, tending to the farm, ministering in the prison, and other ministries as they arise. Soon, the hay will need to be cut and baled—a miserable job—so our cows will have something to eat this winter, and the garden needs to be weeded and vegetable canned.

But it is not all work. This past winter, Michael and Justin (Shalom’s husband and Mike’s buddy in inventions) took apart an old jet ski that they bought off of the side of the road for $150.00. They cut a hole out of the floor of an old aluminum boat that Daddy Bill had thrown in the junk pile over 40 years ago. Then, they welded up some kind of a contraption to fill up the hole, bolted in steel ribs, reinforced the whole thing with wood—top and bottom—and then came the motor. It’s is a jet boat, and I do mean JET. Mike got me to ride in it once. I spent the whole ride screaming. I wasn’t out of place, because the guys usually scream, as well. Men will be boys, you know.

The Russian boys will be here by the time you are reading this, and I know the boat will hear much more screaming in Russian, as well as Hillbilly English. We have a busy summer planned, and with the boys here, we will not be traveling and speaking. If you want to host a Child Training Seminar in your area this late summer or fall, contact us now (email us at: [email protected], subject line: City/State, Request Seminar.) We love to meet you and your families when we come to speak in your area.

Sad to say, with 40,000-plus people on the mailing list and nationwide exposure via the website, the daily entourage of visitors dropping by is no longer feasible. But, know that we do love and appreciate you and look forward to visiting you on your turf.
The guys are looking for another junked-out jet ski with around a 120-horsepower motor so they can make a bigger, faster boat. I am not sure I want them to find one, but I know I will want to ride in it when they built another one. Mama, don’t let your boys grow up to be boat builders; you might like it.

Debi Pearl

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