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My Mama Adores My Daddy

August 15, 2012

Four-year-old Amy said to me last Saturday, “Can I take a vitamin C to Trajan (two years old)?”

“Trajan is not here today. He did not come to work.”

“Why?” Amy asked.

“Because today is Saturday, and Trajan does not come to work on Saturday. Does your daddy work on Saturday?”

“No, but sometimes he does. But it is terrible when he has to work because my mama likes him to be with her.”

“Your mama really likes your daddy, huh?” “Oh yes, my mama just adores my daddy. You know what I’m going to do when I grow up? I’m going to get married.”

“Yep, and I bet you are going to adore your husband too.”

“Yep, I sure will. Mama Deb, would you like to be my flower girl? Or will you be an old lady when I get married?”

Precepts, principles, studies, lectures, and good training cannot accomplish what example can. It starts with Mom and Dad being friends and lovers.

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One comment on “My Mama Adores My Daddy”

  1. Hello Debi
    I am so grateful to be married, and to be married to the man that I had prayed for for 2 years. I am also very grateful for the book you wrote Created To Be His Help Meet. It’s a book I would recommend every Women who considers getting married. why? Because I truly believe what Debi writes in her book(the elderly women are to teach the younger woman)I could not love and respect my new husband the way God would want me to, had I not read this book. It teaches me ask God for the Wisdom that I need. I can now understand my husband better and also understand myself better. We truly enjoy our life together. We are just married for 2 months, and thanks to God for Micheal and Debi’s help so that we can outlive a Glorious Marriage.