I am writing a book just for men. Wives have read Created To Be His Help Meet and became better helpers, but what about the men? Are they going to get a free ride, basking in the undeserved privileges of their male roles?

Ladies, I need your help. What do you want me to say to the men? Here is your chance, everything you always wanted to tell your man but were afraid to say it. I will take your heart concerns and suggestions in this new book and load it with dynamite and blow his indifference away.

Men, what is the problem? Why is your marriage not as good as it could be? What would you change about yourself or your wife if you could? What causes the greatest frustration? What about anger? Why do you get so ticked? I am going to say a few words to the ladies in this book, because I know they are going to sneak a peek at the contents while you are at work. They are going to do a little spying, just so they will know what standards to hold you to. What do you want me to tell that wife of yours—something you would like to say but aren’t sure you should? She is not my wife; I don’t mind making her mad if that’s what it takes. What should I tell her?

Hey, kids, I would like to hear from you, also. What do you see in your family that you would like to change, especially as it relates to your father? How does your father affect your home life, good, bad, or indifferent? Husbands and wives, help me make this the most relevant book ever written to men (and a little bit to women). I don’t need your name or address. I will not print anything that betrays your identity. I don’t want to be an accomplice to a tongue lashing or a cold bed. You can write, email [email protected], or submit your comment below. I would prefer email. In the subject line use: Men’s Book. Thank you.

– Mike Pearl

Update – Michael Pearl’s book for men, Created To Need A Help Meet, is now available for purchase in our web store. Get it now!