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One Such as I

October 15, 2013
One Such as I

I am a shy sort of person, of Amish background, and never one to make a ripple. A friend asked me to go to an abortion clinic with her to hand out information packets. I stood with the group but felt strange and wished I wasn’t there. Then a young girl came up to me crying and told me that her boyfriend said she had to kill her baby.

I am still the shy sort, yet each week I drive to a large city and stand out in the freezing weather in the winter and the blistering heat in the summer and call out to the poor girls as they make their way into the place where their babies will be torn to pieces and then sucked from their bodies. On the day the big truck comes to pick up the tiny dead bodies, I stand and weep. My children go with me and they are learning. Some days we are reviled, some days young girls fall into our arms weeping; many hear the gospel, and occasionally a baby is saved. Timid little me stands in the gap making an eternal difference. It has changed who and what I am into something better.

Will YOU stand in the gap?

“I Care” — A Poem

I care that a baby is aborted every 24 seconds!
I care that little babies feel pain during an abortion!
How many times have you comforted a sad, crying little baby?
I care that often they come out alive and lay there waiting to die all alone!
I care about the young girl who doesn’t want to take her babies life, but feels cornered and trapped into doing so!
I care about the guilt-laden mommy who has to go on living after allowing such a crime done to her baby!
I am compelled to bring them the Gospel of hope!
I care all the time, constantly, even when I’m working in my house, or driving down the road, or shopping, or visiting with you, these cares are always in my heart!
Why did I not care sooner? I did not know…I want you to know so you can care too!
Maybe someday we might have the chance to hold these babies and kiss and cuddle them, wouldn’t that be awesome?

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