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Our Own Set of Possessed Damsels

February 15, 2005

For the last year or so, we have had a group of about eight “damsels” working overtime trying to disrupt our ministry. When we advertise for a Seminar, they call the church where we are scheduled to be and warn them that their tax-exempt status could be in jeopardy, or that we are being watched by the authorities. One pastor, believing their lies, almost canceled a seminar 24 hours before it was to take place. We explained the situation, so he let it go on, but he stayed home so he could not be implicated. Recently, when we held a seminar in Chattanooga, Tennessee, being warned by these damsels, the Department of Human Services of Tennessee sent a “spy” to observe. We welcomed him readily. We have nothing to hide. A few weeks later, the head detective for the state of Tennessee dropped by our place to visit. We knew we did not have to talk to him, but again, having nothing to hide, Michael answered all his questions for about an hour, gave him our booklet “Biblical Chastisement,” our DVD set, The Joy of Training, and several of our books. Biblical Chastisement was written for just this purpose—a defense of Biblical child training. He talked to Deb for about an hour and also spent time with our office staff. He then called and spoke with one of our grown, married children. So the nice detective left, having come to the conclusion that the ladies who were reporting us did not KNOW us. He was satisfied that everything we do and teach is within the law. Since he left, I have honestly been expecting him to invite us to teach foster parents how to train the State’s children. We welcome cooperation with them. They need direction desperately. So, we would like to thank the “damsels” for helping to give us a clean bill of “child-training” health. We are now officially investigated and approved, however unnecessary it was. Thank you, damsels.
The damsels are apparently on a campaign to load up web sites that sell our materials with bad (sometimes vulgar) reviews. Feel free to crowd out their bad reviews with your positive ones. Since there are only 8 of them, and 150,000 of you, it should be quite easy for the Saints of God to disrupt the “ministry” of these ungentle damsels. They must not have much of a love life or family life, because they spend so much time bashing us.
Also, someone has (perhaps these same damsels) started messing with our website. It adds extra work for us, just trying to pull down orders and e-mails. Someone has sent messages in our name wanting credit information. We NEVER ask for credit information from you, so please, NEVER give out information thinking we have asked you for it. One man contacted us, complaining of the nasty e-mail we sent him. We did no such thing! If it was nasty, it certainly didn’t come from us!

So, we really feel a kindred spirit with Paul and Silas, which is very encouraging. We ask that you do remember to pray for us and to stand in prayer against the forces of darkness that would hinder our ministry. We are just two old folks, and we need an army of young, strong families standing with us in prayer, including their active participation in combating these grievous damsels and any other tools of Satan he may use.
You might be interested in reading the rest of the story in Acts. The possessed damsel was in the hire of someone, and when she lost her devils, that employer took legal action against Paul and Silas. These men of God ended up in jail. God caused an earthquake, setting them free, and when the jailer saw the power of God he and all his family were saved. As I said, pray for us. Mike likes to go to prison every week to preach, but neither of us wants to live there, although Mike would enjoy the excitement of an earthquake (not me, I’m a sissy).

Debi Pearl

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4 comments on “Our Own Set of Possessed Damsels”

  1. "...If God be for us, who can be against us?
    "Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth." Romans 8:31-33

    We will pray for you, Bro. and sister Pearl, and your ministry! The Lord fights for his children.

  2. Maybe you should use Paul's remedy and cast the devil out of these "damsels". (in love of course"). We love your teachings and believe they are filled with wisdom. Please keep up the good work and don't be intimidated by the "damsels".

  3. I recently encountered a "damsel" myself. I am on a Facebook group of Mommies that ask questions and bounce ideas off one another. One mother, with an 11-month-old, asked something along the lines of "what age is appropriate to begin disciplining your child? I will not raise a brat."

    Having a daughter that just barely turned one, and having recently acquired and devoured (along with my husband) To Train Up a Child, I was ready with my response. I recommended the book and offered my opinion (without shoving it down her throat, as I find that to be counterproductive).

    Another woman, the "damsel", slammed my opinion and said something akin to "the Pearls are evil and nobody should listen to them. They have caused parents to abuse their children," and quoted Michael from To Train Up a Child where he talks about choosing an age-appropriate rod like it was pure absurdity.

    Needless to say, my defenses arose and I got angry, defending the Pearls tooth and nail (as their publications have been instrumental in not only saving my child, but also my marriage! -- through Created to Be His Help Meet). I was in the middle of a response when the comment string was deleted, and then the girl was booted from the qroup within a couple of hours b/c it's not a place for judgement, but for one of opinion.

    Anyhow, I write all this to say a big "thank you", and that you can count on my "pen" (aka keyboard, lol) to speak up for what I know to be a translation of God's Word into what I'd calle "Layman's Terms". I can't wait to get my hands on more reading materials! My husband and I hope to meet ya'll some day!