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Our Worldwide Ministries

June 15, 2008


On July 15, 2006, we launched two No Greater Joy Distributor Programs to give others an opportunity to purchase our material at heavily discounted prices.  Thirty of them are located out of the US covering twelve countries.  Many others now have the opportunity to purchase our material from individuals or businesses within their own country to avoid the high cost of shipping plus the long time delay in receiving their selections.  It also allows for much more Ministry opportunity than we could possibly take care of ourselves.

Commercial Rights

Dion Johnson is selling large amounts of our material so we have given him permission to print in South Africa and duplicate our CD’s/DVD’s.  This allows him to have an end cost at considerable savings.  He in turn pays us a small royalty on each item that was printed or duplicated. (See his testimony at the end of the article). We also have Rights Agreements in Korea, Poland, and India and pending Agreements in about twenty other countries.

Ministry Rights

We receive many requests to translate our publications into other languages.  As long as it is for Ministry we do not charge a royalty; it is the way we serve other Ministries.  We qualify the individual or Ministry to make sure they have the capability to translate and take the final work to print before approving their request.
This is a quote from someone that wants to translate Good and Evil into several European languages.  “I’m seriously interested on participating on this project, for its production for Central, East and South Europe, with focus predominantly on post-communist countries of this region where I have 4 decades long experiences”.


One of our largest areas of growth is to the worldwide Hispanic marketplace.  Within the past two months we have translated the Good and Evil Comics Volumes 3, 4 and 5 along with Holy Sex, Jumping Ship, and Pornography Road To Hell into Spanish.
We did this in anticipation of attending the Expolit Conference in Miami this past May. During the 5 day event we had numerous radio and TV interviews that went to Spanish speaking countries throughout the Caribbean plus countries in South America, Central America and North America.  We had interest from businesses in ten countries. Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain as well as from several Hispanic churches in the U.S.
One of the hits of the show was the Spanish Good and Evil Color Comic.  Many remarked about the overall quality of the comic, the illustrations and the vivid color schemes.  Many fathers purchased the comics in English and Spanish for the purpose of teaching their younger children how to read in both languages.  Most impressive was the Scripture verses that corresponded to the illustrated Bible stories at the bottom of each page.  In May we joined the Spanish Evangelical Publishers Association (SEPA) to assist us in reaching this growing market.

Where We Are Going

To help us expand our worldwide presence, we have joined Christian Trade Association International (CTA).  CTA is a nonprofit trade association committed to the growth of Christian trade worldwide.  Their Market Directory has over 1,000 suppliers from 64 countries listed.  They have over 2,000 members in 20 countries.  Over the past two years our international presence has increased over tenfold.  We will be attending the International Christian Retail Show to reach out internationally as well as to the US Christian booksellers market.
Pray with us as we reach out to those throughout the world so that those overseas can be Blessed with the same material that has Blessed so many in our great country.

Dion’s Testimony

“Since we started home-schooling I wanted to run some sort of family business.  Something that we could do together that would prepare my kids for the real world and make learning more practical.  I wasn’t sure what it could be.  I was self-employed but the nature of my work (computer programming) was not something that my kids could be involved with much.  My kids were 8, 5 and 4 years old when we started distributing the Created To Be His Help Meet books in our neighbourhood.  We bought some boxes of 24 and started to lend them out and sell them very cheaply.  Word got out and the demand grew for these books.  We did not want to make any profit out of selling the books because we saw it as pure ministry and did not want our profit to hinder the books being read.

“At that very time, No Greater Joy started to offer Business-In-A-Box and we realized that this was for us.  Only problem was that we didn’t have any money to buy it.  My wife and I prayed and within a few days we had the money in cash!!  That was all the encouragement we needed.  We immediately applied and paid and within a few weeks we were proudly opening up our materials in our lounge/kitchen.

“We started training our kids with labelling and now (2 years later) they are far advanced.  It has been a big learning for us all, but the blessings have been fantastic.  Running this business involves a large range of skills and opportunities to learn and develop.  My 10 year old son is now basically running his own business of producing the DVDs and CDs himself (still under my supervision).  Of course, receiving testimonies of marriages transformed throughout South Africa is another huge encouragement and we are even printing the To Train Up A Child books in South Africa now. ”

~ The Johnson family (trading as: Gideon Christian Books)
Dion & Johanneke (Simon-Eric 10, Megan 7 and Julia 6)

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